American Cargill is going to invest $130 mln. in the «Yuzhny» port

American Cargill is going to invest $130 mln. in the «Yuzhny» port

Yesterday took place the signing of tripartite memorandum between Мinistry of Infrastructure, American Cargil company and “Administratsiya morskikh portov Ukrainy” governmental enterprise. The memorandum confirms the intentions to implement the investment project in “Yuzhny” commercial port for $130 mln.

It has been reported that the document provides Cargill company`s acquisition of 51% of transloading terminal, which will be constructed by “MV Cargo” stevedoring company in “Yuzhny” port. The requirements of the contract imply creation of water area with a required level of bodily sinkage, which USPA obliged to do, till the start of terminal construction.  

Ministry says that 350 workplaces are going to be created by virtue of implementation of the project.

Thanks to the new terminal, Cargill company will be able to perform transshipment of crops, its refinement product and other cargo. During the first stage of construction the carrying capacity of it will be equal to 5 mln t, and after that, this index will increase by 2-4 mln t.

The total capacity of investments is equal $130 mln. The implementation of the project should be started within a year after signing the memorandum. Direct acceleration of the terminal is planned on 2017.

It bears reminding that earlier this year the Prime minister of Ukraine announced that American company is planning to build a  transloading terminal in “Yuzhny” port for $100 mln.

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