American Investor creates cannabis industry in Ukraine

American Investor creates cannabis industry in Ukraine

Ukraine has issued the first license to sell and manufacture marijuana products

The State Department of Drugs and Drugs Control has issued the first license to import the high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) - raw materials, extracts, concentrates, CBD end-products, processing of CBD, wholesale distribution of CBD end-production, as well as re-export of CBD concentrates, derivative CBD-production in Ukraine and the world market, stated in a press-realize of C21 Investments Inc.

According to Robert Cheney, Chief Executive Officer of C21 Investments, the issue of the first CBD-license in Ukraine is the evidence of the C21 production quality, control systems and the high respect for the teams of the Ukrainian government.

"We are pleased to release the first license issued in Ukraine and expand it in Europe", said Mr. Cheney. "It is a significant opportunity for us to build a new industry, create new high-quality jobs and use the competitive advantages of Ukraine to access EU and global markets."

Based on the strong relationships with the Ukrainian Government and the staff of the State Service of Ukraine for Drugs and Drugs Control, the C21 team is applying for additional licenses including growing cannabis.

CBD extracts and products with a minimum percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol are legal in many countries of the EU.  C21 will be able to distribute and sell its branded products in many EU countries, which will allow the company to gain access to the market with 742 million consumers.

The company has already opened the office in Ukraine.

C21 Investments Inc. is a vertically integrated cannabis industry company, which cultivates processes and distributes cannabis products in the USA. The company owns the areas with growing cannabis in the Oregon State, US.

In August 2018, C21 Investments Inc. announced the acquisition of Grön Chocolate LLC and Grön Confections (GrönCBD) LLC, Oregon's largest producers of premium packages of edible cannabis products for $ 6.8 million.

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