Asters to become Ukraine’s largest law firm after merging with EPAP

Asters to become Ukraine’s largest law firm after merging with EPAP

Two leading law firms in Ukraine – Asters and Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners – will merge on October 2018

“Together we will create the strongest player in the Ukrainian legal market,” said Asters partner Oleksiy Didkovski in the statement.

Once the merger occurs, the firm’s total headcount will be 250, including 26 partners and more than 140 associates. Almost 100 are from EPAP and the rest are from Asters.

In October, the firm will be managed by Asters co-owners Oleksiy Didkovskiy and Armen Khachaturyan together with Serhii Sviriba from EPAP.

Asters did not reveal the shareholder structure and the two firms are still deciding on whether they will establish a new name for the consolidated company.

Reasons for merging

Asters is a leading law firm in Ukraine known for taking top positions in various law firm rankings.

One of the reasons why Asters decided to partner with EPAP is because of its U.S. presence.

EPAP has an office in Washington, D.C. and this will make it easier for the merged firm to expand globally.

“We have very strong and serious plans to enter the international market,” including other European countries, said Victoria Yesaulenko, marketing director at Asters.

As Asters is struggling to find more qualified lawyers, the consolidation will add substantial human capital to help Asters with their clients. In 2017 alone, Asters hired an additional 20 lawyers.

And even though Asters will cover most of the legal services, EPAP can help strengthen Asters in agrarian and pharmaceutical expertise.

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