AXOR Industry

AXOR Industry's investments reached $35 mln in construction, expansion of window and door fitting production in Ukraine

AXOR Industry invested $10 million in expanding production of fittings for windows and doors in Dnipro (Ukraine), the total investment in the enterprise reached $35 million

"We have continued to invest both in the development of new products, as well as in new equipment and new production workshops. In 2022, two workshops for painting aluminum fittings for windows and doors began operation," said Osman Yilmaz, CEO of AXOR Industry, whose words are quoted in press release.

$10 million had been invested in the expansion of production, and in total investments since 2011 reached $35 million.

AXOR Industry is the only enterprise in Ukraine producing fittings for windows and doors. Its production facilities are located in Dnipro. Since the beginning of the war, the company has not stopped its work.

Before the full-scale invasion of the Russian occupation forces into Ukraine, AXOR fittings were supplied to 26 countries of the world. Since February 24, deliveries to Russia and Belarus have been stopped. The company lost a significant amount of sales, but despite this, it retained jobs for Ukrainians (now there are 365 of them).

"Only by providing jobs and developing international relations, it is possible to win the war and further ensure the development of both the production itself and the country. Therefore, in 2023 we aim to increase the presence of AXOR fittings on the international market and develop new lines of fittings and accessories for windows and doors," Osman said.

According to the director general, from the first days of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the enterprise began to help its employees, who were called up to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and internally displaced persons. It also cares for the families of deceased employees.

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