Businessman Pavel Fuks becomes final beneficiary of Ukrrosleasing

Businessman Pavel Fuks becomes final beneficiary of Ukrrosleasing

The company is known by winning a payout worth UAH 1.96bn from Kyiv Metro

Pavel Fuks, Russian-Ukrainian businessman, became final beneficiary of Ukrrosleasing company which is famous for winning in court a payout worth UAH 1.96bn (USD 70mln) from Kyiv Metro upon delivery of 100 subway cars back in 2010-2013. discovered the changes in shareholders registers that was made on January 11 this year.

At this, the sole founding shareholder remains Cypriot Ukrrosleasing Cyprus Limited.

In 2009, Ukrrosleasing won a tender organized by Kyiv Metro to supplying 100 subway cars during 2009-2014. The deal had to be financed by the EBRD. After the tender, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine nullified tendering decisions claiming inconsistencies in the offers from the filing parties.

Kyiv Metro received 100 subway cars including 25 cars from Kriukov machine building plant from Kremenchuk of Ukraine and the other subway cars came from the Russian producers of Vagonmash and Metrovagonmash.

Ukrrosleasing was not arranged for payments upon the deliveries during 19 March 2010 ─ 28 February 2013. As a result, Ukrrosleasing went to court in May 2016.

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