Cyprus company acquires 50% of “QBE Ukraine"

Cyprus company acquires 50% of “QBE Ukraine"

Tolbell Holdings Limited received an approval of National Commission for the State Regulation of Financial Services Markets on acquiring 50% of “QBE Ukraine" shares.

Cyprus Tolbell Holdings Limited company is going to acquire more than 50% of shares of “QBE Ukraine" insurance company.

National Committee of Financial Services has approved the order, which allows realization of the deal.  

Up until this point, 40% of shares of QBE Ukraine were under the management of the private person, and 49% of the insurance company were owned by QBE Management Limited (Ireland).

"QBE Ukraine" IC appeared on the Ukrainian market in 1008, as a first international insurer.  

During the past year the total sum of premium revenues of the company was north of $5 mln. The main lines of insurer`s business are automobile, property, transit and public liability insurances.

"QBE Ukraine IC has registered capital equal to 8,1 mln UAH.

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