Digital Future is launching an in-house startup incubator

Digital Future is launching an in-house startup incubator

Digital Future Intrapreneurship is expanding its program and looking for new talent!

This spring, Digital Future has launched the «DF Intrapreneurship» program whereby the Holding selected teams to startup projects. Projects were ranging from the search for ideas up to the businesses’ start-up within the DF company, according to the «Project Factory» model. A pilot project was carried out, which resulted in the decision to expand the program.

Intrapreneurs with the skills to build online / tech businesses, startup founders and product managers who want to run their project within the DF framework under the conditions of internal intrapreneurship can take part.

You can come to us with an elaborate business idea, a ready-to-use project, and a running business or you can find a business solution in the process of research commissioned by the Holding.

Preference will be given to projects with good business focus and relatively quick preliminary results (sales, traction, conversion etc.). The workplace is anticipated to be located in the DF co-working space with nearly full-time employment. Participants are given access to the competence and resources of the Holding. Operating conditions are specific for each business project.

To qualify, you need to fill in the attached questionnaire, pass the interview and perform 1-2 tests.

Fill in the questionnaire:

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