Dragon Capital intends to acquire over 75% of Unex Bank

Dragon Capital intends to acquire over 75% of Unex Bank

Tomas Fiala Group of Companies Dragon Capital announced its intention to buy a significant stake in the Unex Bank

This became known from the data published on the website of the Agency for the Development of the Stock Market Infrastructure of Ukraine. It is noted that Dragon Capital Investments Limited plans to acquire 75.01% of the total number of shares of Unex Bank JSC.

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine allowed the Dragon Capital Investments Limited group of investment companies to acquire a controlling stake in Unex Bank on December 23, 2020.

Earlier, it was reported that in September Flot Express LLC together with Withine Investments Ltd (Cyprus) acquired more than 99.3% of the shares of Unex Bank. Withine Investments Ltd belongs to Vadim Novinsky, and Flot Express belongs to Dmitry Yeltyshev.

On September 18, the bank received from the majority owners a public irrevocable request to purchase shares from all minority shareholders of Unex Bank at UAH 0.32  per share at a par value of UAH 1.

Now Flot Express (4.363844%) and the Cypriot Withine Investments Ltd. (94.979975%) own 99.3438% of the authorized capital of the bank.

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