Dragon Capital to acquire 50% stake in turkey producer of TM Siaivir

Dragon Capital to acquire 50% stake in turkey producer of TM Siaivir

NUF Equity Investments Limited, associated with Dragon Capital, got permission from the regulatory authorities to enter equity of UPG Food Holdings Limited managing TM Siaivir

Dragon Capital obtained permission for acquisition of 50% stake by its NUF Equity Investments Limited registered in Cyprus of UPG Food Holdings Limited managing turkey production of TM Siaivir.

Dragon Capital did not comment upon the announcement of the Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine.

Yulia and Volodymyr Dutchaks are final beneficiaries of UPG Food Holdings Limited  registered in Nikosia, Cyprus. The family owns group of companies of UPG-Invest established in 2002. The group specialisez in raising turkey and meat production under TM Siaivir.

The company owns several farm houses and production area of about 60 thousand square meters, a slaughtering house, and equipment for cooling and instant freezing of meat. The projected capacity of the facilities is 12 thousand ton of turkey meat.

UPG-Invest manages feed factory Abo-Mix too. The factory produces 12 tons of compound feed meals for poultry and other household animals. Abo-Mix sells its products under TM Agro Gold Mix in Ukraine and the EU.

UPG-Invest posted net profit of UAH 56mln in 2016, up 28% y/y.

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