FC Karpaty Lviv offers 50% stake for one Hryvnia

FC Karpaty Lviv offers 50% stake for one Hryvnia

One of the best football clubs in Western Ukraine looks for an investor to take other obligation along with the offer

FC Karpaty Lviv offered 50% stake in the club for UAH 1 to a willing investor along with the guarantees to provide financial support for the functioning of the club, the official website reads.

The management of FC Karpaty decided for the move after the repeated claims from local fans. The only condition for such a symbolic price put on 50% stake for a buyer must be official financial guarantees to maintaining the club at the appropriate level.

As of present, the club takes 9th place among 12 clubs of the Ukrainian Premier League.

According to the register of legal entities and individuals, two companies from the British Virgin Islands are the official founders of the professional FC Karpaty.

The owner and president of FC Karpaty is a businessman Petro Dyminsky whose cumulative business assets make up to USD 100mln. He is one of the co-owners of the Continium group of companies associated with WOG petrol fuel stations, Galychyna dairy company, cheese brand KOMO and many others along with ZIK TV channel.

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