Gerega family invests USD 150mln in agricultural assets in last two years

Gerega family invests USD 150mln in agricultural assets in last two years

Alexander and Galyna Geregas actively enter agricultural market of Ukraine

The Gerega family invested USD 150mln during last two years. The owners of Epicentr chain of stores bought agricultural companies that manage 110 000ha of lands, according to Petro Mykhailyshyn the CEO of Epicentr K LLC.

Epicentr bought 80% shares of the Vunnytsia agro-industrial group that owned 4 elevators for storage of 230 000 ton of grains apart from the agricultural lands in the leasing agreements. It was the first major investment of the Gerega family in agricultural assets of Ukraine.

The next targets were 10 companies of the Glencore company and Obolon agro.

The company organized three production clusters, so called Western, Vinnytsia, and Central that service agricultural lands under control over the land fields in Ternopil, Khmelnytsk, Vinnytsia, Kyiv, and Cherkassy regions of Ukraine.

Aleksandr and Galyna Geregas are among top 10 wealthiest people of Ukraine of the last year. Notably, the Gerega family wealth amounts to USD 688mln, according to the estimates by Novoe Vremia and Dragon Capital investigation.

At this, Epicentr mulls takeover of the petroleum-product storage and distribution center of Concern Galnaftogas belonging to domestic chain of fuel stations OKKO, associated with its major shareholder Vitaliy Antonov.

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