Germans see positive signs to start investing into Ukraine

Germans see positive signs to start investing into Ukraine

Andrey Melnik, the ambassador of Germany to Ukraine believes that German companies will start establishing their enterprises in Ukraine

“There is a growing demand on establishing production facilities in Ukraine, and it will be gaining traction. We believe that we will be able to persuade several companies to start operations in Ukraine by the end of the year”, says German ambassador to Ukraine Andrey Melnik. 

To note, German Kromberg & Schubert opened its wiring factory for automotive industry in Zhytomyr in the beginning of 2016. There are more than 4 000 of German companies registered in Ukraine, of which about half of them are operating daily. A strong signal is a growing bilateral trade between Ukraine and Germany - up by 20% y/y amounting to EUR 1.8bn in Jan – Apr 2016, according to German statistics. The ambassador elaborates on the trade attributing growth to shipments of machinery and other industrial equipment. At the meantime, Ukraine exported to Germany for the amount of EUR 857mln, up 29% y/y in Q1/2016.  

According to interview by Ukrinform with the Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine. 

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