Large-scale IT campus will be built in Lviv

Large-scale IT campus will be built in Lviv

Step Computer Academy intends to construct a 10th floor building of educational complex IT Step University within area of 10 000 sq. m

According to the representatives of the STEP Academy, the building will be engaged not only students, but also pupils, as the Academy is going to build a profile secondary school.

The total number of students who will be able to accommodate a new educational IT-complex will be over 1,000 people. The complex will also include laboratories, conference halls, coworkings for students, gym, dining room and parking. Thematic conferences, forums and hackathons for the IT community will be held in the building.

IT Steo Campus - University

IT Step University is a profile university founded on the basis of the academy, it has a license from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for the training of bachelors and masters in specialized specialties (mostly IT). The University started working three years ago. During this time he had two sets of undergraduate students (about 100 people) and a pre-university program of training (over 150 people).

The first construction works on the construction of the complex are scheduled for the next year.

The educational complex located on Malinova Street, Lviv city and will allow to reach it from the center of Lviv easily.

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