Nova Poshta issued C-series bonds for UAH 800 million

Nova Poshta issued C-series bonds for UAH 800 million

Other characteristics of the "C" series bonds were not disclosed.

According to the information of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, on February 24, it registered a report on the results of a closed issue of registered interest-bearing ordinary unsecured corporate bonds of "Nova Poshta" series "C".

The commission in the certificate of issue indicates only one of its parameters - the volume, which amounted to UAH 800 million. Thus, the bonds were placed in full.

So far, nothing is known about other characteristics of bonds, in particular, the maturity and nominal yield.

In 2020, Nova Poshta issued series B bonds for UAH 700 million. with maturity on February 28, 2023, a coupon rate of 16% per annum and a frequency of payments four times a year. It was noted that 40% of the funds raised will be directed to the construction of logistics centers, and 60% - to their automation. The underwriter was Raiffeisen Bank.

Novaya Pochta placed its first bond issue in February-April 2019 in the amount of UAH 300 million. at 22% per annum with a maturity date of August 22, 2020.

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