Nova Poshta will send $100 million to the airline and an innovative terminal in Odessa

Nova Poshta will send $100 million to the airline and an innovative terminal in Odessa

Ukrainian postal service "Nova Poshta" decided not to freeze investments for 2022

Co-owner of the company "Nova Poshta" Vyacheslav Klimov said that they want to resume the construction of an innovative sorting terminal in Odessa in the summer. It is also planned to open new branches and post offices.

According to Klimov, the company will actively develop international delivery against the backdrop of huge demand from several million Ukrainians who were forced to leave the country.

Due to the war, the damage to the postal service "Nova Poshta" amounted to UAH 500 million.

"Nova Poshta" resumed work in the de-occupied Kyiv region and opened branches in Bucha, Irpen, Makarov and Kolonshchyna. Until May 15, the company intends to open the entire network of branches in the Kyiv region. Last week, the company also resumed courier delivery in this region.

We should remind also that Nova Poshta invested EUR 28.5 million in a new automated terminal. Nova Poshta has launched an automated sorting terminal in Dnipro, investments in which amounted to EUR 28.5 million, including a EUR 13 million loan from the EUR opean Bank for Reconstruction and Development. According to its data, the terminal in Dnipro is the second largest facility of the company after the Kyiv one: its capacity is 26,000 parcels per hour. At the same time, after the introduction of a new sorting line in April 2022, the figure will increase to 36,000 parcels per hour. The new terminal with an area of 18,000 square meters is equipped with the equipment of the Dutch company MHS Global and the Lithuanian one Equinox.

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