Polish accelerator Startup Hub Poland is attracting innovative projects from CEE

Polish accelerator Startup Hub Poland is attracting innovative projects from CEE

Startup Hub? Warsaw! International startups gain momentum in the Polish capital city. The city of Warsaw and the Startup Hub Poland are attracting innovative projects to Poland

Workshops with the industry-best experts, participation in the acceleration program and 30 000 PLN are waiting for entrepreneurs who apply to Startup Hub Warsaw acceleration program. This is an initiative of the city of Warsaw which has decided to be the first city in Poland to set up a municipal accelerator designed for not only Polish projects but also for projects from throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

The capital city of Poland is indicated in international rankings as a regional champion of innovation, therefore, the city opens up even more for teams from the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. Professionals from the life science, software and Internet of things (IoT) sectors, not only from Poland but also from the CEE countries can synchronize watches. On Tuesday, April the 5th at 12:00 (Central European time) on the www. startuphub.pl/WARSAW started the recruitment for the Startup Hub Warsaw acceleration program. Participants will be able to work i.a. with Marek Borzestowski (Founder of the Wirtualna Polska portal), Zygmunt Grajkowski (Managing Partner of VC fund Giza Polish Ventures, innovation industry expert) and prof. Tomasz Ciach, whose scientific inventions translated in a number of successful startups. The program is designed not only for startups, but also project teams are welcome as well as "Lonely Wolves" - people who do not have their own business yet. The only prerequisite is to show a great solution, suitable for commercialization of technology or unique business model. The winner will be granted a 30 000 PLN prize.

“The best Technical Universities in the country, convenient location between East and West, an airport hub serving 18,000 daily passengers, stunning and worldwide recognizable startup environment with examples such as Audioteka, Brand24 or CdProjectRed suggest that here is a great place for the leaders from all over Europe. We invite you to Warsaw! " Says Michał Olszewski Vice President of Warsaw.

For the last 4 years Startup Hub Poland Foundation has been attracting to our country Polish expatriates working abroad and the biggest talents in the field of science and engineering from all over the world. Startup Hub Poland is a visible brand in all countries of the region. Only in the last year, more than 600 startup projects applied to Startup Hub Poland’s seed fund. Our international team is based in Warsaw's Mokotów district and within the NCRD’s Bridge Alpha program, we have invested in 8 best teams an average of 1.5 million PLN per startup.

"Demand for technology intense projects made-in-Poland is huge today. It's time for “made-in-Warsaw” startups, which are the city's incarnation of the Startup Hub to give the ignition to the next generation.

Warsaw is the obvious choice for us”, explains Maciej Sadowski, Founder & CEO of Startup Hub Poland. “Now, and only now, we have the chance to create on banks of the Vistula River an attractive destination for engineers from the CEE region, so that they have an alternative to an emigration to the Western Europe. In Warsaw there is every condition required to develop startups that are competitive in the world. On the other hand, Warsaw, as once Silicon Valley, did not realize his full potential without fresh blood from other parts of the world."

Talent needs a helping hand. Choosing the right path of development, partners, developing a profitable business model, driving attention of investors and last but not least market entry – it is a complicated way that could be overcome with experienced guides. "Each project is faced with its own challenges. Work one to one with the right mentor is an unattainable dream for many teams. I also expect an interesting work. In the end, our mentees can be future Pasteur, Skłodowska, Łomonosow czy Woźniak. It's good that Warsaw's innovative environment will benefit from the cooperation with foreign talents, here in Poland. "- says Olga Kozierowska, promoter of innovative business, founder of Sukces Pisany Szminką.

Municipal acceleration program Startup Hub Warsaw opened on Tuesday 5th of April. 

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