Private clinic Oberig gets new shareholder

Private clinic Oberig gets new shareholder

A private individual obtained permission for 50% shares of Capital LLC that owns the clinic

A citizen of Ukraine obtained permission from the Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine on getting cumulative 50%  stake in Capital LLC that owns private clinic Oberig. The deal will be arranged via Ponaletico Investments Limited registered in Cyprus and Vorscla Finance Ltd registered in the Virgin Isles. The acquiring companies will possess a 25% stake each.

Capital LLC won a tender for the construction of a medical center located in the territory of Kyiv City State Clinic #14.

The preliminary estimates of the project amount to UAH 1bn (USD 40mln) of investment.

Capital LLC was registered in 2005 majoring in healthcare services.

Universal Clinic Oberig has been considered one of the largest private investment initiatives in healthcare of Ukraine. The major shareholders of the Oberig clinic are Aleksander Derkach (34.33%), Viktor Rybchuk (33.33%) and Fedor Shpig (33.33%).

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