Private Investors IClub Ukraine starts its professed functioning

Private Investors IClub Ukraine starts its professed functioning

The club formed by private investors will focus on global and Ukrainian innovative technological startups

iClub (Investor Club) is a closed-door community specially formed for angel-investors and was started by TA Ventures investment fund.

iClub Ukraine will provide an opportunity to investing in the best start-ups around the world inaccessible to ordinary investors. There is no membership fee for active investors, 0% - carry/management fee when investing in Ukrainian start-ups, providence of full legal, analytical, and financial support of transactions, as well as trainings in iClub Academy, meet-ups, and joining in other tech-conferences.

Such clubs are popular in Europe and the world. For example, these are b-to-v, U-Start club, etc. Ukraine also has several communities purposed to organizing mutual investment in start-ups, among others Uangel, Investment Mosaic, Chestnut 2000 and other private initiatives.

The founders of iClub are a team of entrepreneurs and investors who have been engaged in investment activities since 2010. The professionals jointly have more than 30 years of the first-hand experience in venture capital investment.

iClub members invested in both Ukrainian and foreign companies. In the club members’ portfolio there are such companies as Azimo, Dreamlines, FinanzCheck, SumUp, Pufetto, Wallapop and others.

A distinctive feature of venture capital investment is that 80-90% of the projects do not produce substantial returns, but profits from the remaining 10-20% of successful projects not only pay back all the losses incurred, but also provide high profitability levels in aggregate.

Realizing investments with iClub, the co-investors will reduce risks gaining from the experience, expertise and resources of venture capital TA Ventures.

Private Investors IClub Ukraine starts its professed functioning

During the official opening ceremony of iClub Ukraine, the partner of the venture capital TA Ventures Victoria Tigipko delivered the welcome speech. She emphasized that, "technological startups engross all traditional markets and the business verticals. Time is ready to heed the challenges of the technological era and invest in innovations. For this reason we announce the starting of the first private club iClub in Ukraine today.”

David Smith, the chief operating officer of Global Futures and Foresight carried out the first speaking engagement with a designated presentation Future of business. 2030.  Elaborating on global trends, David noted that during the next 10 years, digitalization will make 40% of todays’ businesses irrelevant.

90% of occupations familiar today will be automated by 2030. Accountants, real estate agents and many others may be caught in the risk zone. In their place, new professionals will be demanded such, as technicians producing body parts, nano-medicine experts, or farmers specializing in the cultivation of genetically modified crops.

The business meeting continued after a short break with a panel discussion Hard Talk: Ukraine. Business. From offline to online. Serhiy Tigipko (TAScombank), Victor Prokopenia (VP Capital), Viacheslav Klimov (Nova Poshta), and Ekaterina Kostereva (Terrasoft) also participated in the panel discussion.

IClub Ukraine meeting

The closed-doors business meetings of iClub are held twice a year in December in Kiev, as well as in July as part of the business program of the Odessa International Film Festival. Owners of Ukrainian companies, top-managers of corporations, as well as experts in Internet technologies and investment fields participate in the events mainly.       

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