Roman Abramovich has sold Ukrainian plant Yuzhkoks for $63 million

Roman Abramovich has sold Ukrainian plant Yuzhkoks for $63 million

Russian mining and metallurgical company Evraz has announced a loss from the sale of the asset of $ 91 million

The report Evraz indicates that the mining and metallurgical company sold a 94.96% stake in the Ukrainian coke plant Yuzhkoks.

According to the report, the deal was made on December 19 last year. The transaction cost  was $ 63 million, including $ 16 million of pre-payment, received from the buyer in 2016. Evraz also acknowledged that the loss from the sale of the Ukrainian enterprise is $ 91 million, excluding $ 132 million of cumulative foreign exchange losses.

Who exactly became the new owner of the Ukrainian coke plant is not reported.

The report also mentions that in 2017 the company completed the sale of such non-core assets as the Ukrainian Suhaya Balka GOK  and the Nakhodka Sea Port. And the Russian company had a loss of $ 556 million from the sale of  Suhaya Balka.

It was announced about the procedure of selling the plant Suhaya Balka to the group of DCH Alexandr Yaroslavskiy in May last year. According to the report, Evraz had received only $ 94 million by December 31, 2017  from the fixed price of $ 109 million for the GOK. The company expects that DCH Group will pay the missing amount for the purchase in the first quarter of this year.

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