Snail farm to start in Kherson region of Ukraine

Snail farm to start in Kherson region of Ukraine

The Association Snail of Ukraine with the support of several investors plans to engage in heliculture next year

The social heliculture project will commence in the village of Schastlivtsevo of Kherson region in Ukraine. The Association Snail of Ukraine and several investors agreed upon the terms of cooperation to make the project work in 2018.

This project is aiming at creating jobs for the displaced persons from the war torn region of Ukraine. The project foresees free training of heliculture in commercial snail farming. The displaced persons will get a broodstock for free to start a farm. The project will help the snail farm in making sales too. The farm will produce snail caviar too.

Ферма по разведению улиток

To note, Ukraine exported 347tons of snails in 2016. The major exports went to Romania and Lithuania, accounting to 25% and 75% respectively. Interestingly, snails are exported as a raw material from Ukraine, as after processing the price of 1kg of snails raise from the export price of USD 1 to USD 6.5 or USD 5.5 per kilo in foods made in Romania and Lithuania.

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