State Property Fund of Ukraine sold Seaport “Ust-Dunaisk” for 201 mln UAH

State Property Fund of Ukraine sold Seaport “Ust-Dunaisk” for 201 mln UAH

State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU) for the first time in history sold the seaport at online privatization auction in “Prosorro.Sells”: the price of “Ust-Dunaysk” has increased more than ...

According to the State Property Fund auction, eight bidders competed for the facility. The winner was “Elixir Ukraine” LLC, associated with the working at the grain market group “Vimexim”: it bypassed LLC “Trading Company” East “and” Ukrdoninvest “, which were also willing to pay over 200 million UAH.

LLC “Metallbud Alliance”, “Seinerston”, “Tybex” and “Financial Company Concord Factoring” stopped at just over 150 million UAH, and LLC “Citadel Development” – 110 million UAH.

As noted FGI, since April 1, 2022, the port “Ust-Dunaisk” resumed its work and since then has transshipped 153 thousand tons of grain and 58.3 thousand tons of imported consumer goods for export at the design capacity of 4.1 million tons.

“This is the first port privatized in the Prozorro.Sales system. A landmark event that shows the state is ready. More than twice as much competition as the average at privatization auctions, and the multiple increase in price is a confirmation of the readiness of businesses to compete for such assets,” the director of GP “Prozorro.Sells” Alexei Sobolev said in a statement from the IGF.

The fund specified that the winner has 20 working days to pay the price of the lot after the auction. Only after the receipt of funds in the budget signed a contract of sale.

Port “Ust-Dunaisk” consists of three assets: the port in Vilkovo (Odessa region), port point “Kilia” in the city of the same name and special ships service base on Shabash Island. Loading-unloading operations are carried out at Kiliya port point, located at 54th km of the Danube River. Danube. The passport depths at the pier are 3 m, the actual depth is 1.5 m.

According to the information on the website, Elixir Ukraine LLC is engaged in the wholesale trade of chemical products. Since 2016, it has been the official representative of Elixir Zorka, a Serbian manufacturer of complex mineral fertilizers.

The company’s revenue for the first nine months of 2021 amounted to 666.87 million UAH, net profit – 50.06 million UAH. The company is headed by Oleksandr Vikhrenko, while the beneficiary is Valeriy Vikhrenko, owner of Vimexim.

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