TA Ventures has invested $ 1 mln in a Ukrainian startup eTachki

TA Ventures has invested $ 1 mln in a Ukrainian startup eTachki

Founders of eTachki startup are going to use the money raised for expansion to the biggest cities of the country

Viktoriya Tigipko, Founding Partner of TA Ventures: “TA Ventures has been supporting and developing Ukrainian innovations market and IT-business since 2010. We give startups access to our network of 500+ со-investors and provide our unique experience and expertise. We believe in great potential of eTachki. The startup has all needed for success: dependable and proven model through the world, experienced founders, who have successfully realized projects, and, of course, absolute consumers interest in used cars, as a result of economic slump. But the most important, eTachki helps to sell cars without risks instead of traditional selling through automarkets or dealers”.

eTachki is the first online auction for selling used cars in Ukraine. The Company was founded by Oleg Skripnichenko and Sergii Orlov. Previously, both of them were co-owners of modnaKasta.

Oleg Skripnichenko, Co-Founder of eTachki: “Investments helped us to expend geographical representation of the service and reach organic transaction growth. Today, we provide the service throughout all the country. TA Ventures support helps us to promote eTachki brand and new culture of selling used cars”.

Sergii Orlov, Co-Founder of eTachki: «With TA Ventures we can develop our IT-platform, which today is our unique advantage in comparing with other market players. As for today, eTachki is the only one online platform in Ukraine where sellers can get fast and qualitative service, and buyers can find real and certified offers”.

The service allows users to sell the car in several clicks just in 30 minutes. To do this, the car has to be first-time appraised, then end-to-end assessment is carried out in the office of eTachki. The next step is online auction, where hundreds of dealers are betting for it during 30 minutes. The highest bid wins. eTachki takes care of the documents, while the seller gets the money immediately. eTachki has already opened 30 offices in 23 cities of Ukraine, and more than 40, 000 car owners have used the service.

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