TAS group is going to quarry block stone in Zhytomyr region

TAS group is going to quarry block stone in Zhytomyr region

The company of Sergey Tigipko has acquired a stone quarry.

According to the Head of the Board of Directors of TAS group, Sergey Popenko, the company sees a great prospect in the business of non-metallic materials mining, so in the future it is planned to continue the acquisition of new assets in this line of business.

However, the press service of the group did not disclose the name and exact location of the acquired quarry.

The largest deposits of stone in Ukraine are concentrated in Zhytomyr region. According to the website "Quarries of Ukraine", there are 13 block quarries in the region. In particular certain companies are involved in block stone production in the region, such as Dobryn', Holowitskiy Granit, Stone processing company Antik, Stonemarket etc.

Block stone quarry is conducted in two ways - either by drilling the rock with a grid of vertical and horizontal holes, or by drilling with the help of hydrawedge equipment: a working body of the hydraulic wedge is installed in the hole drilled in the rock solid, which, moving in the transverse direction, splits the solid.

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