The building opposite the capital

The building opposite the capital's Central Department Store in Kyiv was sold for UAH 150 million

The winner of the auction was Podol Estate Management LLC, which is associated with businessman Vyacheslav Suprunenko

As reported on the Prozorro.Sales website, the Department of Municipal Property of the Kyiv City State Administration on Monday, January 8, held an auction for the sale of non-residential premises with an area of 1231.5 square meters. m in the house at Bogdan Khmelnitsky, 3. The pub “Naturlikh” and “Kyiv Perepichka” are located in this building.

Three participants took part in the auction, and the winner was Podol Estate Management LLC.

The beneficiary of Podol Estate Management LLC is Lyudmila Yakovleva, who in March acquired at an auction a line of credit with the right to claim the Rosinka plant in Kyiv. As you know, the plant soon became the property of former deputy of the Kyiv City Council, businessman Vyacheslav Suprunenko. Lyudmila Yakovleva in 2015 was also listed as a shareholder of Asvio Bank, which is controlled by Alexander and Vyacheslav Suprunenko.

Podol Estate Management LLC offered UAH 150 million (excluding VAT) for the house on Khmelnitsky.

The building has a protected status as a monument of architecture and urban planning of local importance.

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