There is a third buyer for Vitaly Khomutynnik

There is a third buyer for Vitaly Khomutynnik's agricultural assets

PE "Alfa-Capital" plans to purchase the agricultural holding LLC "KaskadAgro" and 12 more agricultural companies in Chernigшv and Sumy regions

In February 2021, the AMCU has already granted permission for the acquisition of the above-mentioned agricultural companies owned by Mr Khomutynnik to the Andrey Verevsky‘s Luxembourg company Kernel Holding S.A.

Now the private enterprise Alfa-Capital has received permission from the AMCU to acquire 13 agricultural companies, the ultimate beneficiary of which is Vitaly Khomutynnik. Over 50% in KaskadAgro LLC and 12 more agricultural companies in Chernigiv and Sumy regions: Private Enterprise “Agrofirma Vidrodzhennya”, Private Enterprise “Sosnitskie Agrarian Investments”, Private Enterprise “Chervonyanskie Agrarian Investments”, “Niva”, “Krasnokolyadinskoe” LLC, “Agrodmitrievskoe” LLC, “Ukraine” LLC, “Korop agrarian investments” PE, “Agro-Polis” LLC, “Chervonoslobodskoe-2” PE, “Zasulla-5” PE and “Agrosvit” PE.

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individuals, the ultimate beneficiary of all agricultural enterprises is Vitaly Khomutynnik.

According to Mr Khomutynnik's Cascade Investment Fund website, the Kaskadagro agricultural holding has a land bank of 43 000 hectares, two elevators with a total storage capacity of 105 000 tons and two farms.

The agricultural company Alfa-Capital, was founded in 2007. It is engaged in the cultivation of pulses and oilseeds. Its ultimate beneficiary is Alexander Pavlyuchenko, who also owns the agricultural enterprises “Khalturin Buryaksovkhoz Zukrokombinat” PE and “Agrofirma Kulikovo” LLC in Poltava region.

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