Two potato chips plants to be erected in Ukraine in 2019

Two potato chips plants to be erected in Ukraine in 2019

Vegetable Group LLC and Adelaida mull the separate constructions of the two plants

Two potato chips plants will be built in Ukraine in 2019, told Oksana Ruzhenkova the executive officer of the Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers of Ukraine.

Notably, Vegetable Group LLC has already signed the corresponding agreements on exports to Israel. The company plans to file for the certification of all the production facilities of the company located in Cherkassy region of Ukraine. In the meantime, the company will also carry construction of the brand new potato chips production facility. The company has already passed the crop variety testing and conducted a financial audit in order to arrange external loans.

On the other hand, Adelaida company mulls construction in Zhytomyr region of Ukraine. It will target its production mainly for the local market in Ukraine. Adelaida has an extensive experience in growing, sales and export of potatoes. The company plans to conduct crop variety testing too and is looking to acquire the production line. Adelaida will carry construction from its own funds.

Vegetable Group grows potatoes in Chernigiv region over 750ha of land.

Adelaida company harvests potatoes in Kherson and Zhytomyr regions of Ukraine.

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