U.ventures Invests $4M in 8 Ukrainian and 1 Moldovan Startup

U.ventures Invests $4M in 8 Ukrainian and 1 Moldovan Startup

u.ventures, a leading venture capital fund based in Kyiv, Ukraine, has invested $4 million in eight promising Ukrainian and one Moldovan startup since Russia’s full-scale invasion began on ...

This marks a significant commitment to Ukraine’s resilient tech sector amid ongoing conflict.

The funded startups include Instock (Robotics Warehouse Automation), Haiqu (Quantum Computing Software), Cloudprinter (Global Print-On-Demand Network), NewHomesMate (New Construction Homes Marketplace), Speedsize (AI Media Content Optimization), Bloomcoding (Online Coding School for children), and three undisclosed companies. These innovative startups demonstrate the adaptability and determination of Ukraine’s tech entrepreneurs, as they continue building globally-oriented products and services despite enormous challenges.

“The Ukrainian tech community has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity,” said Jaroslawa Johnson, President and CEO of WNISEF. “While 2022 was devastating on many fronts, Ukraine’s IT exports were one of the only industries to show growth. This is a testament to the sector’s robust innovation and focus on the future.”

She added, “As technologies like AI, AR, and quantum computing unlock new possibilities in the coming decade, we believe Ukrainian startups are well-positioned to lead and take advantage of the opportunities ahead.”

u.ventures was established by the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), a $285 million regional fund, which has over 29 years of experience investing in high-growth companies in Ukraine and Moldova. Even amidst the war, u.ventures remains committed to backing Ukraine’s next generation of global tech leaders.

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