Ukrainian electric bike Delfast attracts USD 166K at Kickstarter

Ukrainian electric bike Delfast attracts USD 166K at Kickstarter

The electric bike with a record charging capacity collects three times more the set target

Electric bike Delfast collected USD 165.8K at Kickstarter campaign enjoying publicity from TechInsider, Mashable, Yahoo, NewsWatch on American television, told Daniel Tonkopiy the CEO of Delfast. At this, a video from Futurism in Facebook received half a million views capturing attention for Delfast.

Delfast campaign was powered by the team of Concepter, which has been promoting its own products on the crowding campaign for a long time including flashes iBlazr for smartphones.

A major feature of the Delfast Prime model is its ability to drive a record 380 km in one charge with an average speed of 45 km/h or a maximum of 55 km/h.

The prime-version with a long range of mileage enjoyed great popularity among the backers. The second on popularity became model named Top with the powerful engine but lesser cruiser range. The first deliveries have been scheduled for April-May 2018.

The assembly line of bikes is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. They are collected mainly from domestic components but for the American batteries and the engines made in China.

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