Ukrainian green energy startups attract USD 400 thousand from Greencubator

Ukrainian green energy startups attract USD 400 thousand from Greencubator

The EBRD’s sponsored Greencubator chose 10 Ukrainian projects for the second stage of its program

Greencubator is a Program of Climate Innovative Vouchers launched by the EBRD. It chose 10 Ukrainian startups granting the USD 400 thousand for the second stage of Greencubator, told Anton Usov, the EBRD’s advisor.  

The winning projects so far:

  • Autoenterprise from Kharkiv – faster electric vehicle charger
  • DC Electronics from Kyiv – certification for smart thermostat
  • Ecoprod from Volnovakha – microbiological admixtures to increase efficiency of biogas plants
  • Scientific and Production company ZOND from Ivano-Frankivsk – a device for measuring gas heating power
  • Prana Platinum from Lviv – decentralized ventilation systems as an energy recovery unit
  • Rotor-Sumy from Sumy – development of micro co-generation plant
  • SolarGaps – smart energy generating solar panel window blinds
  • Toka from Kyiv – certification of smart electric charges
  • Unasco-Ukraine – improving a technology of manufacturing electrodes for high power ultracapacitors using water as a solvent

Greencubator is an NGO committed to building ecosystem for sustainable entrepreneurship, low-carbon innovations and green economy development in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The Innovative Vouchers program will last until end 2018. The financing will be granted to chosen 50 startups for the total worth of EUR 1mln.  

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