Ukrainian HR tech startup Hirio raised $400,000

Ukrainian HR tech startup Hirio raised $400,000

Ukrainian HR tech startup Hirio has raised around €330,000 pre-seed funding in a round led by Pipedrive unicorn founders Ragnar Sass, Martin Henk and Martin Tajur

Hirio touts its product as “a smart toolbox that enables the design of digital processes and automates the applicant funnel for mass recruitment teams.” The company says its customers see their hiring costs decrease by up to 67%.

“We signed our first customers without a single line of code. During the first quarantine months [in the spring of 2020], businesses strived for a quick remote-first hiring approach. That is why we have created a no-code solution that enabled recruiters to set up and run a hiring process within minutes fully on the remote,” EU-Startups quoted Hirio CEO Kostya Miska as saying.

“At the beginning, we only had prototypes of the product. But companies were willing to pay for the solution,” the CEO recalls.

Hirio’s current customer list includes such Ukrainian majors Rozetka, Raketa, and Metro.

The fresh funding will be used for an “aggressive approach” to foreign markets. Hirio aims to disrupt the US market of over 70 million low-skilled workers, “where companies still use Excel to streamline their hiring process,” notes co-founder and CTO Artem Dudinskyi.

Miska and Dudinskyi, two Ukrainian nationals, founded their company in early 2020, and registered it in Silicon Valley.

In June 2020, Hirio joined LIFT99 Kyiv Hub, a Ukraine-based startup hub, for the ‘LIFT99 F*ck Corona Campaign.’

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