Ukrainian Jollylook Auto raised $40k on Kickstarter in one day

Ukrainian Jollylook Auto raised $40k on Kickstarter in one day

Ukrainian startup Jollylook Auto, which produces modern vintage-styled film cameras, has launched a new campaign on Kickstarter

Jollylook Auto has reached its goal of $20,000 for the first six hours and $40,000 for one day. The campaign will continue until February 18.

Jollylook Auto is the second version of the analog vintage camera that instantly develops film photos. The cost of the device for backers starts from $79.

The startup already had the campaign on Kickstarter and raised $377,000, exceeding the goal 25 times.

The team made a completely green project – Jollylook’s parts include only recyclable cardboard, lenses, and cartridge. The device develops film on Fujifilm Instax cassettes within minutes.

What the creators have faced
It took 14 months to develop Jollylook Auto. One of the reasons the team started a new campaign is financial problems.

The previous camera collected over 8,000 orders. But the founders couldn’t even cover the delivery costs of all the cameras, despite the personal investments. Besides, they had to move the production site from China to Ukraine.

To fulfill all their obligations to the backers, Jollylook kicked off a second crowdfunding campaign. Some of the funds raised in this campaign will be used to deliver previous orders.

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