Ukrainian pet food producer Kormotech expands to Lithuania

Ukrainian pet food producer Kormotech expands to Lithuania

EBRD supports construction of new Kormotech's plant with €10 million loan
  • €10 million EBRD loan to support expansion of Ukrainian pet food producer Kormotech
  • Access to EU market with new plant in Lithuania
  • Expansion on domestic and export market

The Ukrainian pet food producer Kormotech Group will substantially expand its domestic and international operations thanks to a loan of up to €10 million provided by the EBRD.

The funds are part of a wider investment programme, which includes the construction of a new production facility in Lithuania and the expansion of the Group’s activities in Ukraine. Legal due diligence for the project is partially funded by the Japan-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund.

As part of the project, Kormotech will support the expansion of specialised veterinary education across Ukraine to improve the job prospects of young professionals from remote areas.

Kormotech Group is one of the top three market players in the Ukrainian pet food market and the first and largest Ukrainian producer of high-quality pet food for cats and dogs. The company is privately-owned and has grown rapidly since its establishment in 2003. Today the company sells its products in 25 countries. With the current expansion programme, the company intends to meet growing domestic demand as well as diversify its sales geographically with a strategic goal to become one of the top global pet food companies. With a plant in Lithuania Kormotech is creating a new pillar in the EU common market and will have better access to EU counties, as well as long destination export markets like Latin America.

The EBRD is a leading institutional investor in Ukraine and to date has committed more than €14.5 billion in over 450 projects to the country. The Bank’s investments in Lithuania stand at €900 million at present.

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