Ukrainian start-ups attract USD 88mln during 2017

Ukrainian start-ups attract USD 88mln during 2017

The Ministry of Economy made the announcement

Ukrainian startups attracted USD 88mln during 2017, told the Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Mykhailo Titarchuk.

During the last 5 years, domestic startups got financing for USD 400mln in Ukraine for a number of 2,000 different start-ups.

The Deputy Minister admitted that the Ukrainians are talented and innovative nation with engineering intelligence despite of the problems in the sector. Government does not deny the lack of support in creating proper ecosystem for the functioning of startups in Ukraine.

The point is that for the development of innovations in the country, it is necessary to support them at the level of schools and universities. The innovations and inventions must be created to meet the needs of modern business.

To remind, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman established a Council of Innovations recently and the representatives of international and domestic innovative companies agreed to participate.

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