US Juniper to purchase anti-virus startup Cyphort

US Juniper to purchase anti-virus startup Cyphort

Telecommunications equipment producer Juniper will buy Cyphort that services Uber, Netflix, Modells Sporting goods, and Tribune media

The parties plan to finish the deal in the end-September this year. The market players believe the value of the deal can reach several hundreds of US dollars. One of the founders of Cyphort is Nick Belogorskiy, a Ukrainian born from Kharkiv.

Nick holds a minority stake in the startup. He worked in Facebook as a chief malware expert protecting users’ accounts. Nick Belogorskiy is also an investor of several Ukrainian startups, like Petcube, Rallyware, Capitan, and Ecoisme.

Cyphort uses machine learning which can be integrated with other software at the companies to provide advanced search for a network malware.

Nick Belogorskiy believes his anti-virus creation is a sort of a future generation anti-virus, as it can detect programs as a threat before competitors start making virus signatures.

Juniper buys the startup to use it for its own security services at the first place.

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