What do Ukrainian oligarchs and businessmen say about Russia

What do Ukrainian oligarchs and businessmen say about Russia's war in Ukraine?

Three questions for Ukrainian oligarchs: Do you consider Russia an aggressor and Putin a war criminal? Do you have interests in Russia? How do you support the Ukrainian army?

Ukraine receives virtually no public statements from Ukrainian oligarchs regarding the war launched by Putin and Russia against Ukraine.

During the 20 days of the war, Russian troops continue a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, shelling the peaceful cities of the Kiev region, Chernihiv region, Sumy region, Kherson region, Kharkiv region, Mykolaiv region, Odessa region, Luhansk region and Donbass. They carry out missile strikes in almost all regions of the country.

Hundreds of thousands of peaceful Ukrainians have lost the most important thing for themselves: someone - a roof over their heads and property, someone - health or relatives.

For each of the 40 million Ukrainians - from Transcarpathia to Luhansk - it has long been obvious that the Russian crazy dictator Vladimir Putin launched a desperate war against the Ukrainian People.

However, there are a dozen fellow citizens who have not yet publicly voiced their attitude either to the war or to its main initiator in a bunker under the Kremlin.

These ten are wealthy Ukrainians, the top of the Forbes rating, whose business, before the start of the war, employed tens of thousands of Ukrainians and created the lion's share of GDP. Today they have lost millions of dollars because of the war.

Why are they afraid to publicly call the war a war and Russia an aggressor? Do they have any information that other Ukrainians do not have? Or are the oligarchs just trying to "sit on two chairs"?

The richest Ukrainians were asked three questions:

  • Do you consider Russia an aggressor, and Putin a war criminal who unleashed a war against Ukraine
  • Does your business have financial interests in Russia? If so, which ones and did you decide to cut these ties?
  • How does your business support the Ukrainian army?

The Ukrainians, thanks to whom the oligarchs managed to build their business empires, have a right to hear the answers to these questions. Some of the richest Ukrainians dared to answer, but not all, we collected some of the information from the pages of social networks.

We leave this article open and will include responses from other representatives of large businesses who did not have time to do this.

Rinat Akhmetov

Do you consider Russia an aggressor, and Putin a war criminal who unleashed a war against Ukraine?

— Undoubtedly. Russia is an aggressor country, and Putin is a war criminal. Because Ukraine has always been a peaceful country and has never attacked anyone. And today in our country, villages, cities and infrastructure are being destroyed, civilians are dying and suffering.

— Does your business have financial interests in Russia? If so, which ones and did you decide to cut these ties?

Any contacts with Russia are severed. Business control is lost. Now we have no interests and assets.

— How does your business support the Ukrainian army?

— We help Ukraine, the Ukrainian army to protect the sovereignty of our country and win, and Ukrainians to survive and survive.

Rinat Akhmetov also stated that the metallurgical enterprises of Mariupol would never operate under Russian occupation.

“Russian troops are turning Mariupol into ruins, killing Mariupol residents and bombing factories. Under no circumstances will these factories operate under Russian occupation. control of Ukraine, but the factories are temporarily closed," Akhmetov was quoted as saying by WSJ.

Earlier, Akhmetov said that he is in Ukraine and all his businesses, as well as a charitable foundation, are doing everything possible to win Ukraine and help the civilian population.

"I am sure that the time will come when we will rebuild Ukraine, and I will invest all my strength and resources so that Ukraine can recover and become a strong and prosperous country," Akhmetov said.

Igor Kolomoisky

Igor Kolomoisky has been in Ukraine since the beginning of the war, like almost all the last three years, but has not yet answered questions. Recall that he appears in the investigation of the American FBI regarding the possible withdrawal of funds from Privatbank, and therefore does not leave the country so as not to be extradited to the United States. Most of the planes used by the representatives of the informal group Privat, according to public online radars, remained at the airports of Kyiv and Dnipro at the time Ukraine closed the sky. Businessman Igor Kolomoisky remained in Ukraine, but has not yet answered questions.

Dmitry Firtash

Representatives of Dmitry Firtash, including his lawyer Leni Davis, received questions earlier, but did not provide answers to them.

The EP received a statement from Dmitry Firtash's press office, distributed by his lawyer Leni Davis, in which the oligarch categorically condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"Dmytro Firtash is unequivocally opposed to Russia's invasion of his homeland - Ukraine. The Ukrainian people do not want this war, Ukraine is not a threat to Russia. The world community must do everything possible to ensure that Ukraine and the Ukrainian people remain strong and independent," the statement says. .

While Firtash is in Austria, exercising his right to appeal the US extradition request.

The statement notes that Dmitry Firtash does not demand any change in the status of the Austrian procedure for his extradition, other than allowing the Austrian authorities to temporarily return to Ukraine in order to do everything possible to protect his country.

Firtash told the Austrian authorities that he would return to Austria after the end of the state of emergency in Ukraine or at the request of the Austrian authorities.

As for financial assistance, the press service of Group DF reported on the transfer of UAH 100 million to special accounts of the NBU to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

Victor Pinchuk

Do you consider Russia an aggressor, and Putin a war criminal who unleashed a war against Ukraine?

Like the rest of the civilized world.

— Does your business have financial interests in Russia? If so, which ones and did you decide to cut these ties?

— No. None. Since April 2019, Russia has imposed a complete embargo on Ukrainian pipes, and since February 2021, on railway products. Since November 1, 2018, Viktor Pinchuk personally and his companies have been on the sanctions list of the Russian Federation.

— Does your business support the Ukrainian army?

— Yes. Victor and Elena Pinchuk, through their funds and companies, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and volunteer organizations, search abroad, purchase and supply personal protective equipment for the military and territorial defense forces, including medical preparations and materials used for severe injuries, in including resuscitation backpacks, etc. The work lasts 24/7.

Industrial enterprises also work in support of military units and territorial defense units. More than 370 anti-tank hedgehogs and 316 spikes were produced by Interpipe enterprises for the territorial defense of Kyiv, Dnieper, Nikopol and Novomoskovsk. Hedgehogs and thorns have already been transported for the arrangement of defensive fortifications. The work is currently ongoing.

In cooperation with the operational headquarters, the enterprises provide for the urgent needs of regional military units, territorial defense units. Fuel, pipes, metal, concrete blocks, slabs, nails, utensils, building materials, thermal underwear, etc. were handed over. Work continues.

18 temporary shelters have been set up on the territory of enterprises in Dnipro, Novomoskovsk and Nikopol, where more than 8,500 people take shelter in the event of a threat of shelling or aerial bombardment.

Konstantin Zhevago

— Do you consider Russia an aggressor, and Putin a war criminal who unleashed a war against Ukraine?

“Russia, led by Putin, has unleashed a terrible war against Ukraine and it is the aggressor. Putin is a war criminal who must be punished. The war that is now taking place in Ukraine is a great grief and genocide of the Ukrainian people. I believe in the only flourishing Ukraine, in its development and prosperity as part of the EU and NATO.

— Does your business have financial interests in Russia? If so, which ones and did you decide to cut these ties?

— Our enterprises have not been doing business in the Russian Federation for more than 10 years. I and the leading enterprises are on the sanctions lists of Russia.

— Does your business support the Ukrainian army?

“Our companies work to help the army and territorial defense, and also take care of the population. Those enterprises that can work produce products that are extremely necessary for the population and the state, support jobs for Ukrainians and pay taxes to the state.

Hundreds of millions of hryvnias have already been sent as assistance to the army, territorial defense and the population. In particular, AvtoKrAZ donated more than UAH 50 million worth of trucks to the military and territorial defense for free, Ferrexpo allocated over UAH 50 million to support the humanitarian needs of ZSU, paid UAH 1 billion in income tax in advance and provides for the humanitarian needs of the population and territorial defense in the region of presence .

Enterprises that produce food and medicines supply free of charge multi-million batches of their products for the needs of Kharkov, Poltava, Kyiv and other cities.

All enterprises respond to requests from ZSU, territorial defense and communities regarding the provision of current needs.

Alexander and Galina Gerega

Do you consider Russia an aggressor, and Putin a war criminal who unleashed a war against Ukraine?

“The war that is taking place in Ukraine today is a crime against our state, against children and the elderly, against mothers who give birth in bomb shelters, and families who lose loved ones.

For all the tears of our people, for the lives of our sons, for the destroyed cities, Putin must answer in The Hague.

— Does your business have financial interests in Russia? If so, which ones and did you decide to cut these ties?

— We have no financial interests in Russia.

— Does your business support the Ukrainian army?

— The Epicenter company has been supporting the Ukrainian army since the first days of the war. More than UAH 100 million has already been spent to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense, and volunteers.

A Humanitarian Headquarters has been created to provide the most necessary for the military, the territorial defense department, and civilians.

Every day, dozens of tons of cargo arrive at the aid points: food, medicines, clothing, and essential goods. The entire transport fleet of "Epicenter" has been involved in helping the defenders from the first days of the war.

We form humanitarian cargo abroad on our own, and also cooperate with volunteer organizations to ensure the delivery of goods to Ukraine.

Our trucks, buses, construction equipment, excavators, delivery vehicles were transferred to the needs of the defenders.

Many of our employees defend our country in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Many volunteered to defend the Motherland. We do everything to defend our freedom. "Epicenter" has always been and will be with Ukraine. Both in good and in the most difficult moments!

Vadim Novinsky

— Do you consider Russia an aggressor, and Putin a war criminal who unleashed a war against Ukraine?

—  I believe that on February 24, the Russian Federation committed an act of aggression against Ukraine, and this is a fact. There is a war going on in Ukraine, civilians and children are dying, cities are being destroyed. Nothing can justify this.

I am a deputy from Mariupol, where a humanitarian catastrophe has now emerged, entire villages are being destroyed. War is always a crime. This is a crime before God and people, before the Ukrainian and Russian peoples.

In this case, only an international tribunal can call a person a criminal - not me, no one else. Of course, there is a temptation to rally and patriotic pathos, loud and angry words. But will they bring peace closer?

— Does your business have financial interests in Russia? If so, which ones and did you decide to cut these ties?

— I have no business interests in Russia. I am a citizen of Ukraine. I am a member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. I took an oath of allegiance to the people of Ukraine. At the moment I am in Ukraine, I take part in the meetings of the Rada, I do not intend to go anywhere and I will stay with the Ukrainian people until the end.

— Does your business support the Ukrainian army?

— First of all, my help is that I and the companies affiliated with me regularly paid and continue to pay taxes to the budget of Ukraine, and therefore contribute to the country's defense capability. In the current conditions, non-payment of taxes, I believe, should be equated with looting.

On February 23, at a meeting with the President, we discussed in detail and supported those areas that required activity on the part of Ukrainian business. We organized shipments with the necessary help: food, medicines.

The Humanitarian Center is now also helping refugees - and not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have ended up. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has its parishes abroad, is of great help in this. And this is only the beginning of a large-scale work, our specialists are now identifying the most "hot" areas where assistance may be needed.

Alexander Yaroslavsky

Aleksnadr Yaroslavsky is going to raise up to $1 billion for Kharkiv residents so that Kharkiv survives, and people suffer less, and then rebuild everything destroyed according to the highest world standards. Under the auspices of DCH, he is going to launch the World4Kharkiv International Support Program for Kharkiv. DCH is also involved in a humanitarian program for Kharkov, its first contribution to the restoration of the destroyed city should be the money from the sale of the Kaiser yacht (it is not yet known whether it was sold or not).

Yuri Kosyuk

The press service of Yuri Kosyuk also refused to provide direct answers to questions about whether the businessman considers Russia an aggressor and Putin a war criminal, and whether Kosyuk has business relations with the aggressor country. Instead of this edition, they sent a link to Kosyuk's post on Facebook.

“From the first day of the war with the Russian Federation, I have been in the circle of a family that unites 26,000 employees. I am in the shops that continue to work to feed every Ukrainian! So that every Ukrainian is sure: there will be food!

We have bread, and we will do everything to make it to bread. I know that each of our employees will do everything to save Ukraine from hunger! We will be fed, we will fight and together we will defeat the enemy!

We believe in Ukraine and our Victory!"

Do you consider Russia an aggressor, and Putin a war criminal who unleashed a war against Ukraine?

“Without a doubt, Putin is a war criminal. The Russian Federation is an aggressor country that is waging a full-scale war against Ukraine, shelling Ukrainian cities with airstrikes and bombings, killing civilians and forcing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to become migrants.

— Does your business have any financial interests in Russia?

—  MHP has no financial interests in the Russian Federation - no assets, no exports.

— How does your business support the Ukrainian army?

—  From the first day of the war with the Russian Federation, 4 thousand tons of free products from MHP have already been received by those who need it most. These are our military, police, territorial defense in the hot spots of the country, medical institutions, maternity and orphanages, centers for the elderly, and the population in a critical situation.

The company charitably donated food worth UAH 200 million to Ukrainians. We work 24/7 to support the food security of Ukraine.

A special headquarters has been set up at the MHP to help provide food for those who are most at risk. Drivers take products to the hottest spots. Our workers change their peaceful professions and become loaders, freight forwarders, packers, process applications, coordinate local assistance.

Volunteers are also joining, to whom we are very grateful for their caring hearts and willingness to help. We understand how important food is right now. And we are doing and will do everything so that all Ukrainians have enough of it.

Sergey Tigipko

Do you consider Russia an aggressor, and Putin a war criminal who unleashed a war against Ukraine?

— Yes, I think so. There can be no other answer today. Russia is the aggressor, and Putin is clearly a war criminal. War criminals are also those who order to shoot and send rockets to our land.

War criminals are also those who use tanks and hail to shoot down our cities, schools, orphanages, hospitals by pressing the "start" button.

How much more blood and death is needed to see the light? The war unleashed against Ukraine is a madness and a tragedy on a global scale, which the Hague Court is already dealing with.

— Does your business have financial interests in Russia? If so, which ones and did you decide to cut these ties?

— There is not.

— Does your business support the Ukrainian army?

— I'll be laconic: I didn't leave Ukraine, I'm staying here. I am convinced that today business cannot stand aside.

I think that in such a difficult time for the country, everyone should do what they are good at. The front of my team is financial. To organize work and coordinate actions, we have created a rapid response headquarters in the TAS Group.

We help the army with the purchase of equipment, we help the terrorist defense with ammunition and food supplies, we help those who are forced to leave their homes.

I also note that many of our employees defend Ukraine with weapons in their hands. I have several hundred calls every day - and each one needs to be responded to quickly. So sorry, no time for lengthy comments. We have to do the real thing. We will talk about something else after the victory, which we are bringing closer together. Everyone in their place.

I believe in our victory! A country with such a heroic and courageous people, such a powerful army and business support cannot be overcome. Glory to Ukraine!

Vlad Yatsenko

Ukrainian Vlad Yatsenko, a dollar billionaire in the field of IT, service stations and co-founder of the Revolut project, also criticized the Russian attack on Ukraine.

"I hope most Russians will finally be able to see that their president is one of the most brazen liars in history... Using the overtones of 'defending' Russians, Putin has attacked a peaceful Ukraine. Ukraine is and will be free!"

Moreover, he was supported by his partner, the CEO of Revolut, Russian Nikolay Storonsky, who also condemned the military invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine.

“For me, as for many, the idea of a war between Russia and Ukraine is not only terrible, it is almost unbelievable. Even last week, I was still convinced that a diplomatic solution would be reached, and looked with complete disbelief and sadness at the violence that took place last week,” he said.

In addition, Revolut has opened instant free donations for our customers in the UK, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria and Singapore. Later, 17 more countries were added to this list. In the first 24 hours, the startup's clients donated more than £1 million.

Storonsky added that every donation made to the Red Cross of Ukraine will be supported by Revolut.

For every pound or euro, zloty or franc donated by a customer, Revolut will donate the same amount over the next seven days, up to £1.5 million.

“This war is wrong and absolutely disgusting. I am horrified and appalled by its impact, and I join those around the world calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities and commitment to diplomatic solutions. Not a single person should die in this senseless conflict,” Storonsky said.

Later it also became known that Revolut became available for Ukrainian refugees: it simplified the opening of an account and canceled commissions.

It is noted that Revolut allows those who left Ukraine due to the Russian invasion to access their funds by linking the application to their Ukrainian bank account.

“The Standard Account has no monthly fees and can be used to send/receive money and exchange currencies. The Revolut card can be used anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Ukraine. The limit for transferring funds from your Revolut account to another account is €1,500 per day. Friends and family already in Europe will also be able to transfer money to them quickly and securely. The limits on using the account are set according to the restrictions of the standard Revolut plan, ”the company explained.

Petro Poroshenko

Petro Poroshenko is actively urging NATO member countries to close the skies over Ukraine and provide Kyiv with combat aircraft and other means of defense.

Petro Poroshenko said that Russia's war against Ukraine is a demonstration of the genocide committed by Russian troops and Putin's absolute insanity. "This is a demonstration that Russia is not only behaving as an aggressor, but also committing terrorist acts. And we will respond to these actions of Putin, the Russian troops and the Russian state, regarding this as terrorist acts. Now it is very important that the whole world show unity," he said.

"We must act shoulder to shoulder, demonstrating support for Ukraine, not only financially, not only by political means, but also in terms of the ability to defend. In this situation, Ukrainians are fighting not only for their land, not only for our children and women "They are fighting for freedom and democracy, because Putin has declared war not only on Ukraine, but on the entire West. He has declared war on Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Europe," Petro Poroshenko said.

In addition to active actions in foreign policy and lobbying for the support of Ukraine in the EU and the USA and an information attack against Russia, two “banderomobiles” were made by order of Petro Poroshenko for the 206th battle. Also, together with the fighters of the 206th Kyiv Terrodefence Battalion, 450 bulletproof vests, all-wheel drive trucks and "banderomobiles" - specially equipped pickup trucks reinforced with armor and armed with PKM machine guns - were handed over to the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and brothers from the Terrodefense.

Viktor Medvedchuk

People's deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life and a traitor to Ukraine Viktor Medvedchuk escaped from house arrest and left Ukraine and is most likely in Russia.

Recall that Viktor Medvedchuk is suspected of a number of grave crimes against national security. On October 8, 2021, Viktor Medvedchuk was handed a new suspicion of treason and assistance to the activities of a terrorist organization. Earlier, he became a suspect in the case of involvement in the illegal supply of coal from ORDLO in 2014-2015. Together with fellow party member and business partner Taras Kozak, he is also accused of treason and attempted plunder of national values in Crimea. Despite this, the court chose a rather mild measure of restraint for Medvedchuk, sending him not under real, but under house arrest.

Viktor Medvedchuk knew for sure that there would be a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, and therefore his wife Oksana Marchenko fled Ukraine through Belarus even earlier.

Andrey Verevsky

There have been no direct statements from Andriy Verevskog opoka yet, but the team and management of his company Kernel are on the ground and continue to work to support the defenders and the population of Ukraine. In recent days, they have provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine and TRO with: equipment, in particular, BAZ and Ruta buses, a forklift, other cars and trucks, batteries and spare parts, fuel and fuels and lubricants, reinforced concrete blocks and pallets, sand and gravel for arranging the block - posts, anti-tank hedgehogs and materials for them, tools and equipment, overalls, household items, information plates and signs, equipment and clothing, helmets and body armor, first aid kits, electric heaters, stoves and fuel for them, computer equipment, video cameras with monitors, radios, walkie-talkies and other electronics, oil, food and water, materials for the manufacture of camouflage nets, storage for warehouses and shelters.

They also helped to carry out: repair and welding work, re-equipment of trucks, repair of siren devices.

They provide humanitarian assistance to cities: providing sunflower oil to residents of the occupied regions, people with disabilities and pensioners, shipping wheat and corn to different regions.

Vladislav Chechetkin

Vladislav Chechetkin and his Rozetka business support Ukraine and call for a fight against Russia and believe in our victory: "The war in Ukraine has affected our entire population. Russian generals, soldiers, society must understand that you will not be able to keep 40 million people. Capture 40 million people like this but it is very difficult, even to destroy 40 million people without nuclear weapons is difficult!

Russians stop! We will never be brothers, but you and we have a chance to save tens of thousands and even millions of lives!

I am not a soldier, I do not take a machine gun and I cannot call on people without weapons and experience to take it in hand.

But we must each be in our place and go about our important peaceful work. Carry cargo, bake bread, sell medicines, repair broken infrastructure.
We must help our army with information, we must help all those who stood up for our defense with weapons, warmth, food and everything that people in the field need. For those who stayed at home, this is almost always possible. But for the soldiers saves their lives!

I see and know how Ukrainians and caring people from abroad help Ukraine.

The outlet is trying to work, we are opening stores where there is a connection and where our people are. Unfortunately, checkpoints slow down our movement very much. But we do our best to keep people alive.

And just like everyone else, we volunteer in Ukraine and help establish a supply chain for humanitarian supplies from Poland through our Help Ukraine center.


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