Where to invest in Ukraine if your budget doesn`t exceed $150 000?

Where to invest in Ukraine if your budget doesn`t exceed $150 000?

TOP 15 investment offers for July 2015 - Investments in which sphere is profitable if your budget doesn`t exceed $150 000

Continuing decline in economy of Ukraine, absence of equity market, decrease in property valuations, massive bankruptcy of banks and non-repayment of bank deposits almost brought to nothing all schemes of capital funds accrual for short-term investment background.

The question of where to invest your savings in Ukraine, currently are asked by those, who:

- managed to siphon off funds from banks and have a financial liquidity for capital investment;
- afraid to keep savings in possession, due to the high level of thievery;
-understand, that investment in property is a long-term investment;
- ready to go for risk, for a profitability of investments;
- ready to start own business;
- don`t want to pull funds abroad and believe in the bright future of Ukraine.

There is still a chance for those types of investors – investment in small and venture business (usually IT projects).

The price for entering the business with the check from  $20 000 to $150 000 can provide a full repurchase of the business, co-investment and collaborating participation in the project, business acceleration according to the franchising model or investments in startups.

InVenture Investment Group  offers deliberately selected and currently most investment-attractive businesses, projects and investment instruments.

  1. Top-ranking event agency of Ukraine

Location: Kyiv                                                 
Needed investments: $60 000
Type of investments: full repurchase of the business / repurchase of 50% (or other variants)
Payoff: 1,5-2 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ Top-ranking event agency of Ukraine - 14 years on the market of event services
+ Large portfolio of huge corporate and regular clients
+ Possibility of joint venture upon condition of transferring of operative managing to the new owner
+ Monitoring and training of the owner on the entry to the business
+ High payability of investment and profitable business
+ Great growth potential by virtue of the branches development in Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe 

  1. Online booking service

Location: Kyiv
Needed investments: 
$125 000
Type of investments: full repurchase of the business
Payoff: 3-4 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ Possibility of quick entry into the closed market of booking services
+ Profitable business, which exists for over 3 years
+ Growth potential by virtue of development of mobile app 
+ Adaptation period of entering the market (support from the owner)
+ Entrenched workforce
+ Existance of business development director, who wil be able to cover the operating activity

  1. Exclusive limousines rental

Location: Kyiv
Needed investments: $150 000
Type of investments:  full repurchase of the business
Payoff: 3 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ Operating profitable business (payability 30%), over 3 years on market
+  Own car park of 5 cars: Hammer H2, Lexus LS 470, Lexus LS 470, Mercedes Benz S430
+  The interior of each limousine is unique and equipped with the newest audio and video technologies  
+  The company, during the time of its existence, made a lot of interesting routes.
+  Existence of regular clients and stable work during 3 years
+ Widely promoted sites for sale of services

  1. Manufacturing of organic chicken eggs

Location: Khmelnitsky oblast
Needed investments: от $100 000
Type of investment: financing / equity participation
Payoff period: 3 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ Potential of organic production export
+ High demand on the product from the retail chains of Ukraine
+ Global trend of organic industry development  
+ Profitable business, which needs growth and extension
+ Different investment conditions: financing / equity participation

  1. Children brand cloth PARA SOLO

Location: Kyiv
Needed investment: от $20 000
Type of investment: franchising / equity participation
Payoff period: 2 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ Existence of operating locations for franchise opening in shopping centers of Kyiv and regions of Ukraine 
+ Well-known TM on the market of fashion children cloth
+ Full business acceleration complex – from the selection of the place, to the support on each stage of shop operations
+ Permanent consultant support of franchiser
+ Absence of decent competitors on the market
+ Possibility to enter the franchising business in the capacity of a partner

  1. Lombard credit granting against security of immovable property and vehicles

Location: Kyiv
Needed investments: starting at under $10 000
Type of investments: credit granting to 30% per annum in USD and 48% in UAH.
Payoff period: 2-3 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ High profitability of investments
+ Strong pawn in the nature of property or vehicles
+ Direct pawn contract with a creditor 
+ Ability to choose the fund receivers
+ Minimization of loan default risks

  1. Internet-shop of unique designer goods

Location: Kyiv
Needed investments: $100 000 for 30% / $350 000 for 100%
Type of investments: equity participation
Payoff period: 1 year
Investment attractiveness:
+ 250 thous. hits per month
+ 10 thous. people. make approximately 15 thous. purchases per quarter
+ 1030 suppliers from all over Ukraine
+ E-mail data base counts 304 000 participants. Conversion 0,8%
+ 8% of returns from the total number of orders
+ Own delivery service in Kyiv city. Novaya Pochta and Most-Express are in the regions.

  1. Geolocation search service LunchTime

Location: Kyiv
Needed investments: $30 000
Type of investments: 10% equity participation
Payoff period: 1 year
Investment attractiveness:
+ Simple solution for the daily problem of millions of citizens “where should I take a lunch?”
+ Operational prototype and approved business-model
+ Potential of scaling in Ukraine with a further entrance to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
+ Operating site with a functions for geolocation orientation: Kyiv, Lvov, Kharkov; client base – 450 restaurants; more then 1 400 menus, dinner menus, business-lunch menus; 85% of reselling; site has approximately 40 000 hits per month.

  1. Production of soybean oil and oilcake

Location: Nikolaev oblast
Needed investments: starting at under $100 000
Type of investments: full repurchase of the business / 50% equity participation
Payoff period: 3-4 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ Operational and non-deficient production of soybean oil and oilcake, with a soybean processing capacity of 20 t per day and storage volume of 3 thous t. 
+ Complex of industrial, store and office buildings and constructions with a total area of 2586 sq.m.; land lot – 2,3 ha, all utility systems  
+ Fairly new equipment (2010-2013 year made)
+ Possibility of equity participation - 50% business

  1. Milk plant with a farm

Location: Sumy oblast
Needed investments: $100 000
Type of investments: full repurchase of the business / 50% equity participation
Payoff period: 4 years
Investment attractiveness:
Full complex of processes: milk handling, processing and implementation of the end product
+ Huge variety of the produced product: “chedder” cheese, packaged sour cream, packaged pasteurized milk, brinsen cheese, dairy butter, packaged cream, curd cheese
+ Potential of profitability growth and extension by means of exploring the new distribution markets Assets in ownership: milk processing department with a capacity of 6 t per day, milk production (industrial site - 2 ha), motorized cowshed
+ Cattle: milking herd of cows 80 a.u., bred heifers - 60, calfs - 20; sheeps - 120; Equipment for               animal feed production; tractors, bulldozers, combines, ploughs, vehicles
+ Utility supply: electricity, water, heating, sewerage system
+ Assets on right of usage: plowed field 70 ha ; hay harvesting, pastures 100 ha
+ Possibility of equity participation - 50% equity participation

  1. Call-center expansion

Location: Kyiv
Needed investments: starting at under $100 000
Tye of investments:  20% equity articipation/ full repurchase of the business
Payoff period: 4-5 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ Business, which is in the TOP 10 leaders of call-center services in Ukraine
+ Profitable business
+ Portfolio of huge corporative clients
+ New anti-crisis managing director with a plan of activity expansion

  1. 12. Consistent system of power resources audit

Location: Odessa
Needed investments: $110 000
Type of investments:  15% equity participation
Payoff period: 4-5 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ Prototypes are developed and tested
+ Firs modules are installed in houses and placed in commission – 412 pc.
+ Preorder for 1020 devices
+ Existence of modular and other elements of accounting system assembly department
+ Coordinated team of specialists
+ Support of governmental authorities
+ Quick scalability in other cities

  1. IT-solution for onlinetravel

Location: CIS
Needed investments: credit granting of $100 000 (14% per annum) / equity participation $150 000 (7,5%)
Type of investments: credit granting  / equity participation
Payoff period: 1–1,5 year
Investment attractiveness:
+ Good sales in the CIS: RF - 50%, Ukraine, Poland, Baltics, Kazakhstan
+ Professional team of 26 people
+ More than 25 operating clients on the CIS market
+  Integration in work (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan)
+ Management with a 15-year expertise in the field  
+ Modern methodology in development and management of projects  
+ Own hardware infrastructure
+ Establishment of business connections with the global В2В providers of the industry  

  1. Co-working-hackerspace

Location: Kyiv
Needed investments: starting at under $100 000
Type of investments: equity participation
Payoff period: 3 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ Creation of the biggest innovation center in Ukraine
+ Positioning as a central element of innovation ecosystem of Ukraine
+ Involvement in innovators movement  
+ Privileged long-term lease
+ Great location (Podol, 200 m from the subway)

 About more places to invest in you can learn, by approaching the specialists of InVenture Investment Group

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