Who manages media buying in the iGaming: Victoria Tikhachova - CEO of the Traffic Devils

Who manages media buying in the iGaming: Victoria Tikhachova - CEO of the Traffic Devils

The company was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Oleksandr Slobozhenko. The main focus of the company is attracting advertising traffic into iGaming.


Burshtyn, Ivano-Frankivsk.

Date of birth

December 28, 1996


Ivano-Frankivsk basic medical college, specialty – paramedic.

The Open International University of Human Development in Kyiv, specialty - psychology.

Marital status

Married with one child.

Childhood and choosing her path

Victoria grew up in an ordinary family. Her father is a builder, and her mother is an accountant. While growing up she changed schools 4 times, as her family moved quite often.

In the 3rd grade, she moved with her parents to Kyiv. Most of her childhood was split between two places: with her parents in Kyiv during school and staying with her grandmother in Transcarpathia during summer. She was an independent, fair, and principled child.


She started her career in medicine: after graduating from college she worked in emergency medical care for children for about a year and a half. Later - another year and a half in the Kyiv emergency medical services.

Eventually, Victoria decided to change her career path. While planning to get a job in a private clinic, she posted her resume on a classifieds website. However, a media buying company was also among those, who responded to her resume and eventually offered her the position of an assistant buyer.

Victoria showed perseverance at work and quickly rose to the full buyer position. After realizing she had reached the top of the ladder at her company, she decided to change teams and applied for a similar position at Traffic Devils and was hired.

Having observed Victoria's responsible and systematic work, the company owner offered her to build a farming department (creation of advertising accounts), non-existent at that time. After the immensely successful launch of the department, Victoria was offered the Chief Executive Officer position, which she has been heading since 2020.

Activities of the Traffic Devils team

The team is engaged in media buying: purchasing traffic from different resources and redirecting it to others. As of September 2022, the team consists of more than 350 people with the company mainly focused on the iGaming niche.

The team's divisions include a financial department, its own production unit, a farming department, a purchasing department, technical support, recruiting, marketing, and more.

There are plans to open a European office in near future.

Hobbies and interests

As a child, Victoria completed piano lessons and graduated from art school.

She’s been interested in cars since she was 12 years old. She likes to emphasize that her main hobby has been her job and her main passion is her child.

Other sources

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tih_vi

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