World Bank funds projects for USD 2bn in Ukraine

World Bank funds projects for USD 2bn in Ukraine

As of present, Ukraine and WB has been collaboratively doing some 7 projects worth USD 2.3bn

As of present, WB has been funding 7 projects in Ukraine totaling USD 2.3bn, according to the press service of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. Among others the projects concern fixing of transport communication, traffic safety at designated roads of the road network; financial support for the local power grids; improving of the quality of medical services of the certain branches of medicine and enhancing management efficiency in domestic system of healthcare.

The projects are also dedicated to: Improving the quality and effectiveness of the social services to the low income people; Providing support to the development of family forms of foster cares for orphans, children deprived of parental care, the physically impaired and children with disabilities who are brought up in residential care facilities; Improving quality in water supply, waste water and solid waste management; Improving quality and energy efficiency of the chosen enterprises of the district heating companies.

WB revises the portfolio of the projects once in half a year. It contributes to more efficient money allocation of the funds. The reexaminations help to identifying risks and help tackling the issues, according to the MinFin.

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