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АGROPORT 2017 | Kharkiv

On the 5-7th of October on the territory of International airport «Kharkiv» the large-scale forum for agrarians АGROPORT 2017 will take place.
Organizer: Agroport
Start: 05.10.2017, 09:00
Ending: 09.10.2017, 18:00
Location: Kharkiv airport
Address: Міжнародний аеропорт "Харків", вулиця Ромашкіна, 1, Харків, Харківська область, Украина, 61000

On the territory of 5000 sq.metres in the exhibition complex «C» of Kharkiv airport will be located an agricultural exhibition for representatives of Eastern Ukrainian agroindustrial complex, and for demonstration of equipment and technologies will also be used terminal square (20,000 sq. metres). Within all three days, a separate block of exhibition will be the exposition of cars and mobile vehicles for farmers with test-drives.

The first day of the forum will be traditionally opened by strategic forum that this year is dedicated to the World Food Day (Worldwide day of food), as part of which the potential of external and internal agrarian markets will be revealed. Industry leaders, representatives of central and local authorities, international experts, representatives of the public organizations and profile businesses will take part In the work of the forum. The subject of the forum will touch market reviews of dairy products, grain crops, oilseed crops, as well as promising export directions, among which organic products, vegetables and fruit, products with added value.

The second day of the forum will be devoted to the problem of climate change and adaptation of agriculture in Eastern Ukraine to the new conditions. The forum will be attended by representatives of science, international consultants, agricultural practitioners and manufacturers of machinery, forage and fertilizers. Among the most urgent topics is the problem of the climatic zones redistribution, changing of agricultural conditions, synchronizing the pace of change and reviewing the specialization of Ukrainian agro-industrial complex. There also will be raised the topic of GMOs and its impact on climate, analyzed energy sources, which will help to reduce the cost of agricultural production and demonstrated technologies and programs, which are able to stimulate national manufacturer.

In parallel with Climate Smart Agroforum on the second day of the forum a scientific and practical conference ‘Technological, environmental, economic and social directions of innovative development of the agrarian sector of Ukraine›s economy’ will be held.

On the third day of the forum AGROPORT — on the 7th of October, FIELD DAY will be held at the demonstration fields of V.V. Dokuchaev Kharkiv National University of Agriculture within the framework of AGROPORT 2017.

This year, demonstration shows will be devoted to fieldwork related to the cultivation of sunflower. Farmers will be shown master classes with the use of foreign and native technology of working with this culture, important for the region.

All three days of AGROPORT on the exhibition ground four permanent meeting rooms with special trainings, master classes and seminars on financial, organizational, marketing problems from the best specialists of Ukraine and trainers from abroad will be organized.

Innovation for the East Ukrainian AGROPORT this year will be the awarding of the independent АGROPORT AWARDS, which will be held solemnly on the first day of the forum. In ten nominations according to the results of 2016 the leaders among agricultural producers and enterprises of the food industry of Kharkiv region will be identified.

The ceremony will be held in an informal gala dinner, which will also help to establish effective business contacts.



Name: Melknik Elena

E-Mail: 2017@agroport.ua

Phone: +38 050 403 88 44

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