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Organizer: UNIT.City, O2IT: Outsourcing2IT
Start: 19.11.2018, 19:00
Ending: 19.11.2018, 21:00
Location: Chasopys.UNIT event hall, B2 Building, UNIT.City
Address: 3 Dorohozhytska St., Kyiv

During the past year the volume of IT services export from Ukraine has grown by 20% — it’s $3.6 bln now (3.34% of the country’s GDP) (IT Ukraine Association).

Our IT market has evolved and matured to being able to offer international companies to start their own IT R&D centers or development teams in Ukraine. Today the country can offer both infrastructure and IT specialists needed for such ventures. There are more than 100 international IT R&D centers already set-up in Ukraine (eg. Wix, Playtech, Wargaming.net, Magento, Boeing, etc.) and many more independent extensions of development teams.

Each set-up in any new country starts with KEY people, around whom the team and site are being built. We’ve invited such leaders that have walked various paths of building own R&D. We will learn from them the goods and the bads, and take away lessons we can parallel to our own future work.

Our first speakers represent an amazing diversity of background and experience:

Moderator: Ivan Pohrebniyak, Co-founder, CSO & CMO O2IT: Outsourcing2IT.

Whom it would be interesting for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about running an IT R&D center / team in Ukraine;
  • Project Managers, Team Leads, Delivery Managers, Delivery Directors, Site Managers & COOs;
  • People working in Recruitment and Talent Management.


  1. Cases overview — 4 x 20 min talks of industry peers sharing insights and actionable advices based on hands-on experience.
  2. Interactive session — session of questions and answers for practitioners to share your specific challenge and gather initial feedback from industry peers and fellows.
  3. Networking — join us to expand your network.

Language: English (without translation)


Get tickets: https://2event.com/uk/events/1568125



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