8 Ways for Health-Tech Startups

8 Ways for Health-Tech Startups

8 promising areas for the development medical startups

To answer the question of which startups are currently needed for medical industry, we should specify: on whom should it be focused? And the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, on client, namely patient. Nowadays his needs can be implemented only by the visits to the hospital. We asked ourselves a question, of what patient wants to see in the future, and where mHealth is heading for?

In 2009 in Barcelona was represented the Mobile Health conception, which provides reorientation from the patient`s private visit to the hospital to obtainment of medical service on the mobile device.  Apparently, it is going to be the direction, which will define the whole vector for development of the industry.

Perspective arias of mHealth can be found everywhere – starting from the patient management and ending with the soft for medical equipment. Let’s focus on each of them.

  1. Patient management

We are talking not about the collection of some information, but about the system, which implies different sensing devices on the human`s body, which transfer the information on mobile devices with use of Bluetooth or other technologies. The last and the most important development in this field is AcuPebble. It is a sensing device with a size of less than a coin, which is attached in the area of patient`s heart and tracks the breathing, estimates the condition of the patient and transfers data to the mobile device.

  1. Control

With use of long-distanced technologies can be controlled the list of aspects: drug administration, laboratory analysis control, reminder for prophylactic visitations etc.

  1. Online consultations with doctors

Online consultations with doctors –  is one of the most impractical blocks, as it is hard to motivate specialists to use this format. The traditional and standard approach is more important for them, regardless of whether it is a private or governmental institution.

  1. Access to medical records and knowledge accumulation

This is yet the most underperformed field. Doctors, who are ready to outwardly give the medical records, are rarity, and moreover everyone has a different level of computer skills, which can also slow down the process. 

  1. KPI

Patient satisfaction score – the most important KPI, which is used inside of the companies for performance optimization, motivation of doctors and personnel. Automation of this process is a difficult task, which hasn`t been solved yet.

  1. Processing of medical information

Each clinic accumulates a lot of information about the client, but hardly anybody understands how to use it. The idea to work in this field is represented by “Yandex” – as everybody knows that they are able to use the received data effectively.

  1. Integration systems

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