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Exclusive land for construction of elevator complex

Exclusive land for construction of elevator complex for sale near the port "Yuzhny"
  • Price: $20 000 000
  • Share: 100%
  • Land plot with a total area of 8 hectares considered as prospective in terms of area development and situated at  Kominternivskyi district of Odessa region. It is possible to increase the acrage up to 11 hectares by joining neighboring plot, as well as to get all the permits for the construction of the elevator complex. This location refers to a quite attractive territory for construction of production facilities, as it is located in an area with an active industrial development on the shores of the Small Ajalyk firth.

    There is industrial and warehouse complex with total area of 1020 square meters on the territory of the land plot. The complex consists of  2 warehouses. The plot has right rectangular shape, its perimeter fenced. There are all communications.

    There are railway tracks not far from the plot. Exists access to a Ajalyk firth, which is conductive channel to the sea. Joining neighboring plot will allow to bring the railroad tracks directly to this land plot. Nearby there are industrial facilities.

    Advantages of land:
    - Access to the sea, 400 m of the coast territory,
    - Underwater depth is 18 m, that allows to accept 100.000- tonne vessels. There is no more such depth in Ukraine,
    - The proximity of the port "Yuzhnyi",
    - Possibility to directly supply the land plot with railway track section,
    - plot is located in a zone of developed industrial infrastructure.
    Access roads, transport accessibility
    Transport accessibility means proximity to transport interchange, roads quality.
    Access roads means easy access from the city.
    Public transport infrastructure contains shuttle buses.

    Due to exclusivity and uniqueness and of its location this land plot is a reliable and promising target for investments.

    Cost of land plot: $20 million


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