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Investment projects in Ukraine

Goods trafficing in USA – investment with immigration opportunity

It is offered to invest in successful, developing logistics business in USA


  • Sector: Transport and logistic
  • Business activity: Automobile transport
  • Stage: Startup
  • Project cost: $500 000
  • Required investments: $500 000
  • Type of investment: Equity
  • Share in capital: 51%

Investment propose includes employment of capital in franchising of service of goods traffic in USA, Indiana. Management process will be performed in cooperation with controlling company, specialists of which will undertake the management and business coordination an investor will control all elements of operational  activity and financial operations in real-time mode.

Apart from regular income investor will become an owner of a Green Card  due to the EB-5 program, which will give him and his family members the opportunity to become the citizens of USA.

The capital will be divided by Partnership in the following way:



Ways of usage

Investments  EB‐5 $ 500,000

Trucks purchasing $ (600,000)

Commercial loan (trucks) $ 300,000

Total $ (600,000)

Total $ 800,000

Tloating capital $ 200,000

Basing on accomplishment of subscription agreement by limited partner, which is made in 1st quarter of the year, and after consideration of  I-526 form, the Partnerhip must be ready to proceed to business in term of 1 or 2 quarter.


1st  year

2nd  year

3rd  year

4th  year

5th  year

Operating income






Total profit












Clean profit






According to the forecast, expanses of the limited partner and internal revenue rate will be discharged in the end of 4th full year of operating activity. On 5th year cash flow are foreseen to be equal to following: Return of capital - $500,000

6% of final IRR - $169,113

Footing - $669,113

Review of US Automotive market

Transport and logistics industry is the one of the biggest and most important components of US economy. Total profit of the industry for 2011 was equal to $1.3 trillion, which is a 8.5%  of US GDP. Market, especially in gods traffic sphere is genuinely fragmented, which is hindrance on the way of dominate participants forming. Clients are also fragmented, and it decreases theirs ability to control prices.

Transport sector is considered to be the leading one in US economy, as companies generally control the generic cycle of the business and delivery of goods on the biggest consumer and product markets.

  • Goods traffic capacity for 2012 - $642 bln;
  • Key component of component of all US economy, goods traffic industry was approximately   4% of US GDP in 2012;
  • The foreseen increase of goods traffic income up to 2023 will be 59%;
  • Percentage of operating companies,  which are connected to goods traffic, with less than 20 trucks - 97%.

About the company

E3 Cargo Trucking will be an independent trucking company with the main office in Indiana. LLP is planning on buying 10 trucks “8 class” for performance of service in the Central USA. LLP will work under E3 Cargo Trucking brand and will divide management and branding services between other E3 Cargo Trucking Parnerships. The aim of all companies of E3 Cargo Trucking is to provide each company with 10 work places and make enough income to pay off the invested capital to investors. Apart from that the company also should be eco-friendly.  

Review of manufacturing activity

The Partnership will hold its own transport assets (trucks) and separately hire drivers from other E3 Cargo Trucking companies. The partnership will conclude contracts with companies, to provide co-management and all non-driving services, which will allow Partnership concentrating on goods traffic business activity. Administration companies will offer services including sells ad marketing, personnel search, safety, planning, managing, licensing and other necessary services.

In the framework of agreement, Partnership will receive the work tools in the form of depo, which includes parking for trucks, conference room for workers and personnel. Monthly cost of managing services, according to forecasts will be around $15, 000.  As a result of agreement Partnership will not pay lease. In a framework of Partnership business model , one of managers will be transferred to  Administration company (and sooner will be able to offer services for other clients of Administration company). This structure will allow the Partnership to hire all manager team for Administration company for a little monthly pay, which is lower than a pay of a permanent employee.  

Management of Partnership will ensure that each affiliated company E3 Cargo has the same operation structure and standard operational procedures.

Managers Transport System

MTS  will control the productivity of team and drivers, safety and profitability. This data will have fundamental importance for management of different teams and creation of optimal effectiveness. The main strategy of the business lies in the necessity to provide as many trucks, which are on the way, with cargo. To achieve it is necessary to maximally use the assets and labor force taking into account a lot of logistic, practice and economic considerations of managing team. This efforts will help the partnership to increase the effectiveness of operations and speed up the money flow.

Sales and Marketing

The functions of sales and marketing department lies in atomizing  the usage of partnership`s trucks. The responsibility for this role will be on Administration team, called E3 Cargo Trucking, LLC. This companyoffers services of sales and marketing for Partnership by creating and maintenance of friendly relations with different 3PL partners, by taking part in direct sales. Sales and marketing department are cooperating with logistics department, to help and coordinate Partnership`s truck allocation. For purposes of economy and increase of effectiveness scheme,   E3 Cargo Trucking will receive the orders and income from two sources.  The first one – through cargo brokers and 3PLs, second  - directly, when E3 Cargo Trucking concludes contracts with the end costumers. The strategy of sales and marketing department lies in starting with cargo brokers and 3PL and then adding direct costumers.


E3 Cargo will have all the needed licenses for pursuit of activity on behalf of Partnership, and company will provide all the necessary conditions, which are needed for records management. To perform transporting all cargo companies must have a special license of the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This license is also called the permit on commercial transporting.  The company must be registered by Transportation Department. Company will receive all the necessary state-level documents.

Logistics processes

Logistics department is the brain center of the system, by providing the activity coordination between drivers, who carry the cargo, and sales and marketing department, which assigns the cargo and location. It also must take into account staff office demands about rest periods, trainings and requests of each driver, whose concerns motivate them.

Dispatchers  are controlled by this department, they hold the responsibility for drivers` schedule. They also specify the necessary information about the delivery, (time and place of cargo loading and delivery), receiving it not only from drivers, but also from trekking  and GPS. Also despatchers contact with client`s coworcers and other people, for example, with warehouse workers, for finale schedule updating.


Е3 Cargo Trucking made a strategic agreement with Paccar Inc. Paccar is one of the biggest in the world trucks manufacturer with an annual income equal to 16 bln. Company sales its trucks under the brands of Kentworth and Petersbilt in USA and abroad. Kentworth business division became our exclusive complex equipment supplier. The Partnership has a right to dissolve the collaboration at any time and is not under any obligations for truck purchasing. The Partnership has an intention to buy previously owned Kenworth T660 trucks, which currently cost from $ 50 000 to $60 000.


 Е3 Cargo operational base will be located in Indiana, on the expansion territory of targeted employment programme. Such location allows Е3 Cargo Trucking  servicing a great part of East Coast, Central West and also South Western Region. With an operational base in Indianapolis or in suburbs Е3 Cargo Trucking will be located in 700 miles radius from 65% of all U population, in other words, from 200 mln citizens. This service  zone is one of the biggest consumer markets all over the world.   

Indiana is an important crossroads and intermediate point for logistics flows from all around the country in agricultural and coal-mining sphere and consumer industry. International airport of Indiana work as a main point for companies such as FedEx and UPS.

E3 Cargo Trucking is going to have the stable demand on cargo transporting during a long period of time.

Selection and diversification of clients

Accounting systems of E3 Cargo company will interact with a lot of clients and operations will not interfere each other. The aim of Partnership lies in risk limiting  and in such a way  that contribution of each client in overdue accounts receivable will not reach more than 10%.  Before working with a potential client accountancy  will examine his credit report. Only those clients will be approved, who do satisfy demands. And from this point there will be regular verifications of client`s credit standing, and  accountant systems will not allow working with those clients, who doesn`t satisfy current financial demands.

Management and personnel

Company will hire about 10-12 truck drivers and one or a couple managers, who by working with other managers will provide the mutual management for all subordinate companies. Subordinate companies will present qualified executives, who will guide Е3 Cargo Trucking and look for the growth of the company. These positions will be taken by the best specialists in logistics and transportations. The official labor recruitment will be opened approximately in 6 month before cargo trafficking starts. At the beginning it will be for “C” type job positions, and after for vice president, manager and director. The personnel number will correspond with the needs of the organization. 

Legislative structure

The Partnership will be the owner of 10 8-class trucks, which are financed  by the limited partner`s capital in $500,000. Risk and repayment profile of the limited owner will be limited by the Partnership. General partner will manage the company directly or through a manager, to reach the maximum implementation of the main aims: repayment of $500 000 to the investor, and hiring not less than 10 employees on a full-time basis.


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