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Grain Transshipment Terminal at Ochakov Sea Port

Raising capital for 5 phases development of Grain Transshipment Terminal at Ochakov Sea Port (Ukraine, Mykolayiv Region)
  • Sector: Транспорт и складское хозяйство
  • Business activity: Складирование и хранение
  • Stage: Ранние стадии (Early Stage)
  • Required investments: $64 700 000
  • Type of investment: Участие в капитале
  • Share in capital: 49%
  • Return on investment: 10 г.

    • 30% growing of Ukrainian Agri production and export;
    • Buhsko-Dniprovskyy region shall be considered as shallow water for export of Agri commodities (for shipment of more than Handy size vessels), and there is no real possibility of deepening of ports of Mykolayiv and Olviya except BDLK channel in the immediate vicinity of the sea (up to 5th bend incl.);
    • Land logistic problems of BDLK channel terminals (limited traffic capacity of rail road, heavy trucks passing the city streets) will not be solved in the foreseeable future;
    • Leading development of transportation by river, therefore there is necessity to develop river class vessels (delivery from river Dnipro terminals to river Pivdenyy Buh terminals makes the transportation distance longer);
    • Problems with rail wagons and locomotives, as well as corruption problems on Ukrainian Railway will not be solved in the foreseeable future;
    • Port dues will not be reduced (cost of vessel’s call to BDLK ports will stay as world’s one of the most expensive);
    • Growing of number of Agri market players (both producers and traders) who wants to get own “sea gate” in order to reduce logistic expenses as well as to establish full control over delivery chain.

    Main ideas:

    • To focus on delivery of cargo by river and loading of 40-50% of shipment lot into seagoing vessels by direct transhipment ship-to-ship (STS) at the inland water roads terminal (3-4th bends of BDLK channel);
    • Using of the terminal as intermediate storage facility for accumulation of 50-60% of shipment lot delivered by river or other means of transport (onshore delivery and during limited inland navigation);
    • Creation/building of inland water fleet (river barges, tugboats, floating loaders);
    • Development of inland water area: building of deep-water berth and deepening of the water area in order to accept Panamax-type vessels.


    Cargo delivery to the terminal schemes

    By trucks (120-250K MT p.a.)

    Loading on trucks
    Delivery to the terminal at Ochakov

    By rail (150-300K MT p.a.)
    Delivery to Yasna Zarya station of Odessa rail road
    Loading on trucks at RW discharging station
    Delivery to the terminal at Ochakov by trucks
    (variation – loading on barges at Kherson port, near Nova Odesa or v. Trykhaty)

    By river (230-450K MT p.a.)
    River terminals (loading points) on r. Dnipro and r. Pivdenyy Buh – loading on barges
    Delivery to Ochakov port by barges to: (a) the terminal  (б) the inner roads

    Seagoing vessel loading schemes

    Stage 1. Mooring of Handysize at Ochakov roads (3-4th bends of BDLK), loading STS direct transhipment from barges 12-20K MT, from terminal (via barges) 12-20K MT. Terminal cargo turnover 400K MT; direct transhipment STS 100K MT.

    Stage 2. Mooring of Handysize at Ochakov roads (3-4th bends of BDLK), loading STS direct transhipment from barges 12-20K MT, from terminal (via barges) 12-20K MT. Terminal cargo turnover 750K MT; direct transhipment STS 250K MT.

    Stage 3. Mooring of Panamax/Handysize to the terminal berth, loading from terminal and direct transhipment via berth from barges 60-70K MT.



    Current situation with inland logistics: limited offer of wagons and locomotives by Ukrainian Rail Road administration (improvement will take 7-10 years) and permanently growing freight rates, strict limitation of trucks gross weight, lack of trucks and poor conditions of motorways.

    Solution: creation of own inland waterways fleet and development of transportation by river.

    Estimation of freight rates and costprice

    Delivery by rail, US$ pmt

    Svetlovodsk – Mykolayiv - $17
    Svetlovodsk – Kherson - $17

    Freight rates, delivery by river Dnipro, US$ pmt

    Svetlovodsk – Mykolayiv - $14-15
    Svetlovodsk – Kherson - $12-13

    Estimation of costprice of transportation by river (depreciation excluded), US$ pmt

    Svetlovodsk – Kherson - $8-9
    Kremenchuk – Mykolayiv - $10
    Kremenchuk – Odesa - $10-12

    Fleet composition by project stages

    Stage 1

    2 inland-waters class barges DWT 5000 MT, draft 3.60 м, total 10K MT (estimation $1.5M, total $3.0M)
    1 pushing tugboat of 2500 BHP (estimation $5.0M, total $5.0M)
    1 floating loader based on mobile handler TEREX FUCHS (estimation $2.0M, total $2.0M)

    TOTAL $10.0M

    Stage 2

    2 inland-waters class barges DWT 5000 MT, draft 3.60 м, total 10K MT (estimation $1.5M, total $3.0M)
    1 pushing tugboat of 2500 BHP (estimation $5.0M, total $5.0M)
    1 floating loader based on mobile handler TEREX FUCHS (estimation $2.0M, total $2.0M)

    TOTAL $10.0M

    Stage 3

    2 inland-waters class barges DWT 5000 MT, draft 3.60 м, total 10K MT (estimation $1.5M, total $3.0M)
    1 pushing tugboat of 2500 BHP (estimation $5.0M, total $5.0M)
    1 harbour tugboat of 3000 BHP (estimation $6.0M, total $6.0M)

    TOTAL $14.0M

    Calculation of annual cargo volumes to be delivered by river

    6 barges, 3 tugboats

    8-9 navigable months, 15-16 voyages, 450K MT p.a.

    Loading on roads and loading at berth

    Inner roads (situated at river part): 3-4th bends of BDLK channel

    Distance to the terminal U-Port Ochakov - 6 km (3.25 nm)

    Draft limit: 10.3 м in a fresh water

    Vessels up to 40.000 MT DWT

    For loading operation at 3-4th bends of BDLK channel:

    • Place is equipped with two mooring buoys.
    • Official Recommendation for exploitation of inner roads during loading operations are adopted.
    • Mooring of a vessel using 2 mooring buoys - upstream direction. Floating loader(s) and barges (river fleet) - mooring from both sides of a vessel.
    • Facilities necessary: two tugboats (one of minimum 2500 bhp) for a vessel mooring and unmooring, floating loaders (cranes), barges and roads boat for delivery of staff.

    Floating loader

    Mobile handler Terex Fuchs MHL-390 and grab of 5 cub. m. (estimation EUR0.8М)

    Non-self-propelled pontoon - estimation $1.0М

    Total: $2.0М

    Transhipment rate of 1 loader – 6-7K MT per day.

    It is necessary to provide average loading rate on a vessel not less than 10-12K MT PWWD.

    Loader also will be used for discharging of barges to the terminal.

    It is very important to have own tugboat(s) for roads operations (due to overpriced freight rates at the place).

    Disbursement calculations (sheet)



    27000 / Calculation


    Proforma D/A


    $$ pmt

    $$ pmt

    3-4th bends (Roads)








    Calculated decrease of port disbursement account if loaded at Ochakov Roads (3-4th bends of BDLK channel) in comparison to call to Mykolayiv ports is US$30K for Handysize vessels or about $1.15 pmt.


    RW discharging point is situated at railway station Yasna Zarya of Odesa Rail Road administration. The distance to the terminal is 85 km.

    Base: elevated rail path and adjacent concrete ground. Equipment: wagons weighing bridge, mobile reloading bunker "Kovcheg"-type driven by a tractor.


    lack of a storage facilities (in case of delivery by grouped wagons a large fleet of trucks is required for transportation);

    weather limitation of discharging; absence of linear power supply;

    the high cost of local rail distribution delivery services ($1.70 pmt + using of wagons) and operating costs ($0.50 pmt), totaling more than $2.20 pmt.

    Transportation by truck from the wagons discharging station to the port terminal

    Using of a third-party carrier is expensive: during the peak months the freight has increased from UAH105-115 pmt ($3.60-3.80 pmt) to UAH180-200 pmt ($6.50-7.50 pmt) (UAH1.5 - 2.0 pmt per km).

    The costprice of transportation by own trucks is about UAH90-110 pmt ($3.0-3.5 pmt).

    The total cost of discharging and transportation in case of delivery by rail is US$6.80 - 8.40 pmt if using a third-party trucks, and US$5.50-5.70 pmt in case of using of own trucks.

    Development prospects

    1. Search for a plot of land or an object for modification closer to the railway station to exclude the use of the local rail distribution delivery services.
    2. Construction of a wagon discharging point consisting of 2 warehouses with a capacity of 5K MT (for acceptance of grouped rail shipments), with the possibility of building the 2nd stage of the same capacity for the scalability of the transportation volume. The point shall include a wagon discharging station with the possibility of all-weather acceptance and discharging of at least 54 wagons per day with railway weighing bridge, truck loading station with truck weighing bridge, express laboratory, truck depot.

    The goal: reducing of the cost of transshipment at Yasna Zarya to $0.30-0.50 pmt.

    Estimation of discharging point construction: $2.0M.

    1. Creation (formation) of a special truck fleet for the needs of delivery to the terminal consisting of 5 trucks with cargo capacity of 25 tons each. Round trip 6 hours, 4 voyages per day, 100 tons per day by one truck. Estimated transportation - 500 MT per day. Monthly transportation volume – 15K MT.

    Estimation of truck company: $0.6M.


    Stage 1

    1. Assembling of the 4th silo on the existing foundation (the capacity of the terminal will be 25K MT) estimation $0.5M.
    2. Purchase and installation of drying and cleaning equipment in the working tower, silos for receiving and accumulating of unconditional grains - estimation $1.5M.
    3. Wagon discharging point and truck company - estimation $2.6M

    TOTAL estimation $4.6M.

    Stage 2

    1. Completion and assembling of 4 silos using the existing pile foundation or construction of a flat warehouse for 25-30K MT (total terminal capacity – 50K MT) - estimation $3.5M.
    2. Expansion of the wagon discharging point and truck company - estimation $1.6M.
    3. Preparation for berth construction – estimation $1.0M.

    TOTAL estimation $6.1M.

    Stage 3

    1. Construction of a deep-water berth of pier-type with a length of 300 m, projected depth of 15 m -estimation $4.0M.
    2. Ship-loading machine on the berth (estimation $3.0M).
    3. Construction of the second line of silos (total capacity of the terminal – 100K MT) – estimation $6.0M.

    TOTAL estimation $13.0M.


    1. Possibility of a land/water area lease near the terminal for the purpose of building of a deep-water berth and expanding of the terminal.

    2. Possibility of a phased deepening of the approaching channel up to 11.5 m, with the transition to dredging of BDLK channel up to 4th bend (depth 15 m) – on account of USPA.



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