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Industrial site with an area of 67 hectares (former sugar factory) in Cherkasy region

We offer for sale an industrial site with an area of 67 hectares with all the utilities (a former sugar factory) in Cherkasy region for the implementation of various types of industrial production


Черкасская область, Украина

  • Type of property: Промышленная недвижимость
  • Price: $2 000 000

Object: structures, utilities (railway, gas supply, electrical facilities) and the territory of the former sugar factory in Cherkasy region.

The total cost of the object: $ 2 million

The composition of assets (included in the sale scope):

  1. Land plot (area 67.58 hectares). Currently, the division of the site has been carried out (total area 71.817 ha) and the process of drawing up a long-term lease agreement is under way. Type of ownership: State property; Purpose: For the placement and operation of the main, utility and auxiliary buildings and structures of enterprises of the processing, machine-building and other industries.
  1. Warehouses. Utility space: 8,098 sq.m. Estimated cost of construction of similar warehouses: approximately UAH 55 million.
  2. Railway branch: The approximate cost of the railway branch, based on the data of the sale of similar objects, is UAH 10-12 million. It is in good technical condition. All the documents and permits are available. The total branch length is 5,208 m, utility length – 4,155 m. According to the logbook, the simultaneous supply of a group of wagons of no more than 44 units is allowed. However, the logbook have been made basing on the production needs of the plant and can be altered to meet the requirements of the new enterprise. Important! There are no access roads and dead ends as subclients. Distance to the railway station – 1,000 m. This station is included in the list of promising ultrasound stations.
  1. Water supply: Water intake for the plant is carried out from the lake. There are 2 pipes with a diameter of 325 mm and length 7,200 m. Estimated cost in scrap metal is UAH 5-6 million. Negotiations are underway to purchase pipes by several farmers to create an irrigation system. The declared value is UAH 2 million/km. The cost of building a new system is about UAH 40 million.
  2. Electricity and gas supply. There is a 35kV transformer substation with a capacity of 250kW and hydraulic fracturing on the territory. The cost of building such a transformer substation will be approximately UAH 2.5-3 million (Including permission and design).
  3. Absorption fields: Located at a distance of 1 km from the main building of the plant. The total area is 100 hectares. In addition, there are 2 defection mud decanters and 2 land decanters with a total area of ​​6 hectares on the territory of the plant. Located 400 meters from the warehouses.
  4. Fencing: The cost of the existing fence, after dismantling and implementation, will be UAH 300 thousand. The cost of building a new one is about UAH 1,200,000.

Composition of assets (which are offered for sale for additional payment):

  1. Remains of factory buildings (secondary crushed stone). Remains of buildings were located on the territory of the plant, using special equipment they were crushed into crushed stone, with the subsequent removal of metal residues. The amount of crushed stone is approximately 50 thousand tons at 200 UAH/t = UAH 10 million.

Defection mud. There are remnants of defection mud on the territory of the plant, with a total weight of about 700 thousand tons. This material can be used during plant construction for site planning and other construction work. The price is negotiable.



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