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Leading media in the agricultural sector

Attraction of investments in the ongoing high-profile agricultural media project in order to expand the activities
  • Sector: ИТ и телекоммуникации
  • Business activity: Издательская деятельность и СМИ
  • Stage: Стадия роста и расширения (Growth / Expansion)
  • Required investments: $560 000
  • Type of investment: Участие в капитале
  • Share in capital: 50%
  • Return on investment: 4 г.
  • About the project

    The company was founded in 2015.

    To date, the publication has established itself as a professional and high-phofile player on the agricultural market of Ukraine.

    Target audience: managers and owners of agricultural companies; companies supplying goods and services to agricultural companies:  from financial institutions and investment funds - to manufacturers of equipment, PPP and chemicals; processors and traders.

    Project objective:

    • To create a leading media in the agricultural sector
    • To form professional communities of key market players: owners of companies, CEOs, top managers
    • To create a professional Agency specializing in the development of marketing and communication strategies for the tasks of the agricultural market.

    Problems to be solved by the project:

    1. Media:
      - shaping public opinion
    2. Professional community:
      - implementation of business tasks
      -interaction with international and regional partners
      -interaction with international organizations and embassies
      -interaction with public authorities
    3. Agency:
      - development of integrated communication strategies

    Competitive advantages of the project:

    • Unique media positioning (3 directions in media holding: magazine, digital and events)
    • High competence of the new team: online & sales
    • Market launch of online special projects - a new format on the agricultural media market

    Offer to investor:

    Acquisition of 50% entity interest for 15.6 million UAH (cash-out/cash-in)
     Return on investment - 3.5-4 years
     Expected capitalization of the project in 4 years: 60 million UAH

    Detailed information is provided in person at the meeting.



    Name: Alex

    E-Mail: info@inventure.ua

    Phone: +38 097 772 72 92

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