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Office property with the area of 691 sq.m. in Dnipro

Office property is offered for sale. Location: 5 Dmytro Yavornytskyi (Marks) avenue, Sobornyi (Zhovtnevyi) district, Dnipro city.
  • Type of property: Офисная недвижимость
  • Total area: 691 кв.м.
  • Price: $800 000
  • The property is located in a new building on the building limit line of the central avenue of the city in an active business district, a 7-floor office facade.

    The total area is 691 sq.m. with general and functional purpose.

    The premises have no analogues in the city:

    • Cross functioanl layout, the main area is open-space, all the premises are bright, the windows are allocated around the perimeter.
    • Own front entrance on the 1st floor (entrance lounge 12 sq.m.).
    • The main part of the premises is located on the 2nd floor. 10 rooms have been planned, 4 bathrooms are equipped.
    • Ceiling height is 4.5 meters, large panoramic windows.
    • There is an emergency/technical exit to the flight of stairs.
    • Facade lighting, the ability to install a large sign on the building line.
    • Beautiful panoramic view of Dnipro.

    There is excellent quality modern renovation in the premises. Energy-saving and heat insulated walls, double glazing windows are installed.


    • Electricity: there is its own transformer substation of high power in the building, there are 2 inputs in the building, two automatic circuit breakers of 250 A are installed.
    • Water supply is centralized.
    • Combined heating system is centralized, due to the roof boiler house of the building (a heat meter is installed) and due to its own chiller fan coil system.
    • Fire and security alarm.
    • An agreement with a service company (cleaning the building surrounding grounds and common areas, garbage disposal, maintenance of utilities, etc.).
    • Very economical maintenance/utility costs.

    The building is located in a comfortable business area. The premises can be used as an office, coworking, shop, show room, representative office, medical services, salon.

    Payback period is 7 years!

    Price: $ 800,000


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    Name: Голубенко Николай Григорьевич

    E-Mail: mykola.golubenko@rphinternational.com

    Phone: +38 050 355 49 41

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