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Arnika agricultural producer plans to invest in logistics and terminals

The company representative announced the planned short-term investment in interdepot logistics and terminals

Victoria Vasylchenko, head of the foreign economic department of Arnika, during the V forum “Export Strategies. Trading 2020” reported that the company is considering investments in interdepot logistics and terminals. Moreover, regarding the terminals, the company is ready both for joint investment and for long-term partnership with the terminals specifically for Arnika’s needs and requirements.

Victoria Vasylchenko pointed out that today it is difficult to find a terminal that can fully provide conditions for the logistics and export of organic products, and "you may feel safe with".

Arnika does business with three terminals, which meet the requirements of the company to a greater extent, she concluded.

Arnika is the largest producer of organic agricultural products in Ukraine. It has more than 15 thousand hectares under organic farming. The company is engaged in the cultivation and trade of organic soybeans, wheat, corn, chickpeas, brown flax, and technical hemp.

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