Delfast startup raised $ 3.4 million and launches development of electric bicycles in Ukraine

Delfast startup raised $ 3.4 million and launches development of electric bicycles in Ukraine

Delfast startup closed funding round on the Fundable crowdfunding platform and raised $ 3.4 million from investors of all over Ukraine, thereby exceeding the goal

The Delfast startup has closed first funding round round on the Fundable crowdfunding platform, having exceeded its goal, it attracted $ 3.4 million from investors of all over Ukraine. The received investments will be used for the construction of an electric bike development center in Ukraine, which will meet the growing demand and accomplishing pre-orders received from various countries of the world, in particular from the USA and Europe.

According to the investment plan, Delfast is going to invest the funds received in the development of the company and improvement of its main business processes:

  • Acceleration of delivery times. A localized manufacturing strategy will enable Delfast customers to receive their e-bikes faster.
  • The product R&D center will focus on the complete set of all components of the e-bike, which will ensure reliable internal quality control of each unit produced by Delfast.
  • Increase in production capacity for the accomplishment of large orders for B2B clients, development of sales through eBay and Amazon.

"We are very pleased that we were able to collect more than we planned in three months. The investments received will bring us one step closer to our goal – to build a modern electric bike factory and support the community of green electric transport manufacturers around the world. Thank you all for your trust and support!" – the co-founder and CEO of Delfast Danylo Tonkopiy commented.

“We are very pleased that Delfast, led by Danylo Tonkopiy, Serhiy Denisenko and a close-knit team, are confidently moving towards their ambitious goal and have gathered a pool of investors to raise $ 3.4 million. Moreover, this was done despite the incredible skepticism of many Ukrainian businesspeople, which we also had faced with. During the entire investment round, the investment project on the InVenture portal was viewed by more than 20,000 people! Through the InVenture platform, more than 15 responses were submitted from both private and corporate investors who showed interest in investing. We will be glad to cooperate with Delfast in the next rounds ", Alexey Oleinikov said, the managing partner of InVenture.

Delfast startup was launched in 2014 by Danylo Tonkopiy and Serhiy Denisenko as an ecological delivery service, which the company successfully sold in 2020.

Today Delfast makes e-bikes that can travel more than 500 km on a single charge without pedaling. Delfast Partner, Prime, TOP 3.0 and Offroad models have already been shipped to different parts of the world: USA, Mexico, UK, Denmark and South Africa.

In the nearest future it is planned to open a research center for the development of eco-transport on the basis of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (KPI) with the support of Delfast.

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