Industrial Construction Group Kovalska to acquire its rival companies

Industrial Construction Group Kovalska to acquire its rival companies

The concrete making company obtained permissions from the Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine

Industrial Construction Group Kovalska, specializing in concrete making, obtained permissions from the regulatory authorities for the acquisition of  its two rival companies Darnytsia Plant of Reinforcement Cement Concrete (Darnytsia ZhBK) and Beton Service LLC.

The move will be carried out via BAU-Capital under control of Kovalska concrete making company.

Kovalska concrete making company was established in 2006. 

Industrial Construction Group Kovalska incorporates 14 companies specializing in production of the construction materials, home repair and maintenance services, engineering company, a construction complex, an asset management company along with other companies that make orders for works or services from the affiliated companies.

In the meantime, Darnytsia ZhBK was established in 1951. The company is a leading maker of concrete elements, wall blocks and commercial concrete for residential and public constructions. The company produces also metal ware and specific metal constructions for the railways, bridges, ports and docks.

Beton Service LLC was established in 2003 majoring in concrete making.

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